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    July 9, 2005

    Logged Dive #130 – My Post-Gold Star Dive Dive

    Casino Point, Catalina, CA

    Solo Diving

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 1200 psi
    Max depth: 90 feet +
    Waves: 1-2 feet, insignificant
    Visibility: 15-20 feet
    Water Temperature: Sort of cold at depth
    Total Bottom Time: 30 minutes

    After eating a few free hamburgers, I did my “after the event” dive.

    I went down the stairs and off to the right.

    At 90 feet, there are two sunken boats, or at least what’s left of them.

    I ran across a few divers.

    Not much to report as far as anything in particular.

    I managed to swim back up the first two steps of stairs.

    It was a higher high tide, so I just swam up the stairs.

    Our crew packed up and went for drinks at Mi Casita in Avalon.

    I drank a few beers; others had “bowls” of margaritas.

    Getting wasted at Mi Casitas

    Getting wasted at Mi Casitas.

    Bob had a few bowls of margaritas and started telling one of the female crew members how nice her ass looked when she bent over to put her wetsuit on.

    She took that as such a compliment that she sat with him on the way back to San Pedro.

    If I had said something like that to a woman, I would get punched.

    I guess the direct approach works for some people.

    Safety Diver For The “Gold Star Dive” Event

    So am I now a Diving Professional?

    Compensation Received: A T-shirt, free food and the ability to write off the boat trip as a donation to charity.

    So here’s how the event works:

    A certified diver pays, I think $35 or $40 and registers for the event.

    The participant receives an event T-shirt and is entered in a raffle.

    The divers dive at a particular time and search for metal numbered stars that are redeemable for prizes.

    The proceeds go to help the Two Harbor’s decompression chamber and the Sheriff’s Department.

    Me in the center, Instructor John to my left.

    Me in the center, Instructor John to my left.

    The Safety Crew!

    The Safety Crew!

    I am to the back, far right.

    I look so macho!

    I was positioned with Bob half way between the stairs and the end of the park going left (facing the water from the stairs).

    Bob was on the rocks most of the time; I was mostly in the water.

    I floated on the side in the water; Bob was on the rocks over looking our section of the park during the event.

    Divers kept coming up to me and asking if I was alright. “Uh, yeah, are you?” I responded.

    Someone even handed me a star; Steve said that I should have kept it.

    A few divers were tired.

    One girl almost panicked.

    She was yelling at her boyfriend to “Go ahead and go in if you want.”

    She kept taking her mask and hood off.

    Other divers were pointed out to me, at least the ones who had to be pulled out on previous years.

    Apparently, the lady that I just mentioned had to be pulled out of the water the previous year.

    The event started at 11 AM; at 12:30 PM Steve yelled over to us, “We have four divers still in the water!”

    I yelled back, “Do you want me to start looking for their bodies?”

    The spectators who overheard me were a bit shocked, Steve just laughed.

    John, who was in one of three Kayaks, said that there was a much better quality of divers this year.

    No rescues, but good experience.

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