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  • June 17, 2007

    Logged Dive #232 – North Of Margate, Diving Off John’s Zodiac

    North of Margate, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

    Dove off of John’s Zodiac

    Southern California Buddy Diving With John and Ron T.

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 1200 psi
    Max depth: 50 feet
    Waves: Choppy
    Visibility: 15 feet
    Water Temperature: Cold at the bottom
    Bottom Time: About 35 minutes

    Me in the foreground looking like a macho diver.

    We boated just North of Margate; maybe a five minute journey around the kelp and anchored.

    I threw my BC overboard, jumped in and tried putting my jacket on.

    I kept getting tangled.

    After a few tries, I was ready to submerge.

    I had a hard time equalizing this dive and the last dive.

    It must have taken me five minutes to get down to 40 feet.

    I toured around looking at some very interesting reefs; they look like stairs or ruins from an ancient city that’s now underwater.

    I saw and chased after a huge White Sea bass – four feet long at least.

    John later said that he saw four or five of them circling around.

    I was getting cold, so I made it back to the boat and in.

    John hops in the zodiac after his dive.

    Five minutes later, John followed.

    Ron surfaces with some fresh sushi!

    Shortly after that, Ron surfaced with an Uni (sea urchin) and a scallop which he kindly shared with me.

    Ron cuts a scallop in half.

    Sushi, St. Pauli’s Girl and a bumpy ride back to the harbor topped this trip.

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