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  • January 4, 2015

    Another Good Day Of Vis, And Some Bad News

    I am not going to fluff this post up with recycled news – like sometimes I do – but, I found out that during a wind storm several days ago, two people died on Catalina.

    If you want, read about it here.

    I also heard from Dr. D that someone died at Emerald Bay, Catalina in a “dry suit accident.”

    I can’t find any information on the latter.

    I arrived early and scoped out conditions with Blue Steel Dennis and Randy.

    It was perfect.

    If you timed an entrance from The Point incorrectly, you would not get hurt.

    Dennis and TwinDuct entered from The Cove; the rest geared up and made an easy entry off The Point.

    Randy’s mask strap broke upon entry, so his (now solo dive) was delayed a bit.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #481

    SoCal Buddy Diving with Blue Steel Dennis, TwinDuct, Dr. D, Eric, Randy and Reverend Al

    The Point off Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA

    We swam out and descended…

    In With: 2750 psi
    Out With: 300 psi
    Max depth: 60 feet
    Waves: REALLY FLAT!
    Visibility: 35-40 feet
    Water Temperature: 60 degrees
    Air Temperature: 64 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 50 minutes

    The dive narrative will be short, as a video will be coming…

    A lobster poses for a photo shoot.
    A lobster poses for a photo shoot.

    Terranea Reef.

    Kelp Forrest!
    Kelp Forrest!

    Garibaldi Photo Bomb!
    Garibaldi Photo Bomb!

    OML Reef.

    I had an Aluminum 80, everyone else had a 100 or more; I broke off from the group early and made an uneventful exit.

    Let the debriefing begin!
    Let the debriefing begin!

    A group shot!
    Blue Steel Dennis, TwinDuct, Me, Dr. D, Eric, Randy and Reverend Al

    Randy and Eric were macho enough to do a second dive while the rest of us debriefed with beer and the ghetto grill.

    During a later conversation, I was told that if I wanted a girlfriend, I should lower my expectations and find an older woman and get a dog as a substitute offspring.

    I think Hara-Kiri or staying single is better.

    Today’s video is here:

    Diving Terranea, January 4, 2015.


    1. Good to see Kenny is back (just in time for great conditions). I can’t believe you guys got to “602 feet” how long was your deco? I’m guessing you meant 60 ft. See you next week.

      Comment by Michael (Chipper) Jessen — January 5, 2015 @ 6:47 am

    2. Congratulations Chipper! Thar was a test to see if anyone still reads this blog. You win a can of the King of Beers!

      Next Sunday is Eric’s last weekend here, before moving to Kansas. Next week we should have a farewell party.

      Comment by PsychoSoloDiver — January 5, 2015 @ 7:42 am

    3. I will be there. Let me know if I should bring a side or burgers and dogs. I’ll assume you are bringing the grill and the king.

      Comment by Michael (Chipper) Jessen — January 5, 2015 @ 9:58 am


      Comment by Max Bottomtime — January 6, 2015 @ 5:19 am

    5. Epic conditions for almost two weeks now, enjoy it while it lasts. It will be sad when the vis goes back to 10′ and green.

      Comment by halibug — January 6, 2015 @ 10:12 am

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