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  • February 4, 2014

    Diving The Ellen Oil Rig

    February 2, 2014*

    We slowly chugged from the Eureka Oil Rig to the Ellen and Ellie Oil Rigs.

    Ellen and Ellie

    We were to dive Ellen after an hour surface interval.

    I was one of the first divers over board; I jumped off, into the water and popped back up very buoyant.

    I felt around my waist… Fuck, I couldn’t feel my weight belt. I yelled to the Dive Master, that I forgot my belt.

    “Where is it, and what does it look like?” the D.M. yelled.

    “It’s in the middle of the boat… black weight belt with the frayed edges!”

    How could I have forgotten my weight belt?

    I wasn’t that rushed.

    I made a second feel around my waist, but a little higher… fuck, I was wearing it.

    I tried yelling to the Dive Master, but he didn’t hear me.

    Four minutes later, he came back empty handed…

    I yelled, “You’re going to hate me even more, but yeah, I am wearing it!”

    I believe he said a few words of relief, but I couldn’t really hear what he was saying; he waved at me to swim under the rig.

    Bringing whole scallops on the boat, and now having him look for a weight belt that I was wearing… yeah, I should tip him at least an asshole fee.

    I swam under the rig; the swells were big enough to where you could hit your head on one of the supports if you weren’t being careful.

    I submerged.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #461

    Solo Diving/SoCal Buddy Diving

    Ellen Oil Rig
    Between Catalina and San Pedro, CA, USA

    In With: 2800 psi
    Out With: 600 psi
    Max depth: 111 feet
    Waves: Slightly choppy
    Visibility: 40 to 60 feet!
    Water Temperature: 59 degrees
    Air Temperature: 69 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: About 22 minutes

    This was my first time diving the Ellen Oil Rig, but this rig seems bigger than Eureka rig.

    Scallop hunting was over, so now it was camera time…

    Ellen Oil Rig - Other divers

    Ellen Oil Rig - Good visibility

    Ellen Oil Rig - Sea growth

    Ellen Oil Rig - Lots of fish

    Ellen Oil Rig - The columns

    Ellen Oil Rig - A Seal
    A seal bomber us for a bit.

    Ellen Oil Rig - looking up from 50 feet.
    Looking up from 50 feet.

    Ellen Oil Rig

    It was a nice, 20 minute dive or so.

    I made it back to the boat without problems.

    Me with the Oil Rigs

    I tipped the crew extra for being kind of a pain in the ass and enjoyed some beer and tequila on the short ride back.

    *Posting has been delayed due to the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl Party and the needed recovery from the events.



      Comment by Anthony Bourdain — February 4, 2014 @ 6:19 pm

    2. Great report, now that looks like some good diving. Did this trip require any advanced certification or any other things like a mandatory surface signaling device?

      Comment by halibug — February 7, 2014 @ 10:12 am

    3. Hey Halibug! This is an advanced dive, to potentially 130 feet – the bottom is 600 feet below. No signalling device, just dive within the oil rig structure.

      Comment by PsychoSoloDiver — February 8, 2014 @ 1:04 pm

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