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  • August 18, 2014

    Poo Divers – Diving In Crappy Conditions

    Thanks to Professional Debriefer Paul for finding this article!

    In the local diving scene, a “Poo Diver” is someone who SCUBA dives immediately after a storm, before the runoff has had a chance to dissipate.

    Vice has published an article profiling an Australian Technical Diver, who literally dives in raw sewage.

    Poo Diver
    Photo is from the Vice article.

    The diver is Brendan Walsh who does mechanical repairs under pools of raw sewage, with absolutely no visibility, guided only by pre-shit photos and instructions over an intercom.

    After reading this, maybe we can all better appreciate our sometimes “crappy conditions?”

    Read the article here:

    VICE – Professional Poo Diver

    August 10, 2014

    Diving Terranea Resort: Is The Visibility Curse Gone?

    I posted on that I was showing up to dive and bringing my ghetto grill and some Korean cuisine.

    That’s usually enough to pack the house, however with persistent rumors of lingering crappy vis, a swell model that would freak out the most hard core surfer and predictions of an approaching storm, only three regulars showed up today – Reverend Al, Eric and me.

    The calm cove.
    The Cove looked really calm, like it didn’t eat it’s Wheaties this morning.

    The Point looked good too, so we took our traditional route – entering off the Point and exiting the Cove.

    Entering Off The Point.
    Reverend Al and Eric prepare for a boulder entry.

    Eric enters off the Point.
    Eric expertly makes his boulder entry.

    We swam out under the kelp and surfaced to find the landmarks that hopefully would drop us on the statue.

    We submerged.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #472

    Dove with Reverend Al and Eric

    The Point off Terranea Resort

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 400 psi
    Max depth: 63 feet
    Waves: Pretty flat
    Visibility: 15 to 20 feet
    Water Temperature: 58 degrees, colder at depth
    Air Temperature: 82 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 55 minutes

    The statue.
    We landed right on the statue!

    A starfish on a reef.
    Visibility was really good!

    Did I leave my flash on?
    Did I leave my flash on?

    Reef off OML.

    Colorful reef.

    Tough Rip Current.
    There was a hell of a current going the opposite direction.

    A sea snail, if you can see him.
    A camouflaged sea snail blends into the background.


    A fish waits for us to pass.
    A fish waits for us to pass.

    A mini-arch.
    A mini-arch.

    A reef.

    A sea cucumber.
    A sea cucumber.

    Orange Starfish.
    An orange Starfish.

    Spotted starfish.
    A spotted starfish.

    A starfish comforts his shriveling friend.
    A well starfish comforts his shriveling friend.

    Fish photo-bomb.
    Fish photo-bomb.

    A sheephead!
    A Sheephead!

    A - I do not know!
    A – I do not know?

    A snail makes its way.
    A snail makes its way.

    Like an aquarium!
    Like an aquarium!

    A school of fish pass.

    Al and Eric had steel 100s; I was on an Aluminum 80.

    At 400 psi, I waved to Reverend Al and signaled that I was going up.

    I was fully prepared to see the half way mark and ready for a surface swim in.

    I broke surface…

    Hey, I'm right here!

    … I was right outside of the Cove.

    We headed in to shallow waters earlier in the dive to try and avoid the current that was going the opposite way; that gave me enough air to get to the Cove.

    Reverend Al teaches Sunday School.
    Reverend Al teaches Sunday School.

    Some kids asked Al about diving as he passed out sea shells.

    “How deep did you go?” a kid asked.

    “We got as deep as 60 feet,” Al said.

    The kids gasped in amazement – “WHOA!”

    Group picture: Me, Reverend AL and Eric.
    3D Group Shot – Me. Reverend Al and Eric.

    A Korean barbecue.
    Korean marinaded pork was on the ghetto grill.

    Lunch is served.
    Lunch is served – Marinated barbecued pork, kimchi, rice, potato chips and beer.


    SCJoe made an appearance for the debrief!

    Debriefing continued until a little bit after noon.

    Instructor Ed called me later in the day and wants to do some boat trips – I’m sure my four readers will want dive reports other than Terraea Resort, so stay tuned.

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