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  • March 30, 2017

    The Dangers Of Not SCUBA Diving For A While

    Sorry for being such a stranger!

    I think my seven readers may have gone down to four.

    But, Oh well, I make no money on this blog, so I don’t care!

    SCUBA diving conditions have sucked, and I’m really stressed out about family matters and business and work matters.

    So, I decided to self glorify myself by going to Beach Streets Grand Prix and ride around the track with my Ordinary bicycle at lunch.

    My co-worker Rosario insisted that she goes with me because she “wanted to get in the paper.”

    So, I see – another self promotion, glory seeker!

    Obviously she was counting on my good looks to get in the spotlight.

    I also made a deal with Rick the Biker who owns Long Beach Choppers, LLC – the best old school Harley repair shop in the area.

    He would buy me a beer for wearing his shop shirt, and a another beer for each paper that I would get in.

    Well, I think I’m pretty average looking, but for some reason, yes I did get some media attention…

    Penny Farthing At The Grand Prix In Long Beach
    Photo By The Press Telegram.

    Penny Farthing At The Grand Prix In Long Beach
    Photo By The Press Telegram.

    Penny Farthing At The Grand Prix In Long Beach
    Photo By Beach Streets Long Beach.

    So, anyway… I haven’t been diving or cage fighting or anything else besides going on a token two mile bike ride while stressing out over business and personal shit.

    I woke up with an intense headache, shoulders hurting and bloodshot eyes.

    I called in sick and my boss asked what was wrong with me.

    I said, “I don’t know, my shoulders hurt and my eyes are all red.”

    He laughed, “Oh, your eyes are red, Ha Ha, well, you still need to deal with the conference call at 8 AM.”

    I asked, “What do you mean?”

    He hung up.

    So, 8 AM was no problem, since the walk in medical clinic doesn’t open until 9 AM, but I couldn’t get onto the conference call, so I called my boss.

    He said, “Well, I told them you were sick so we cancelled.”

    Uh, what the fuck was that?

    He told me I still had to deal with it, but cancelled and didn’t tell me?

    Anyway, I went to the doctor, and Dr. Habib told me that I had stage 2 hypertension – my blood pressure was like 162 over one – thirty something.

    I credit my macho life style and over all machismo for not having a stroke or kidney failure.

    I was actually prescribed some pills which dropped my blood pressure down, so all is well now.

    I’m making plans for my SCUBA diving trip in July … stay tuned!

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