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  • June 30, 2016

    The Rotting Dolphin Project

    I wasn’t able to get on a boat this month, so yes, I have remained dry.

    I feel as though I have gained a few pounds, so I hope I can still fit into my wet suit when I finally get back into the water.

    Anyway, I came across a sort of bizarre article about a guy who obtained a dead dolphin and then sunk it to the bottom of the ocean to document its decomposition.

    Eddie Kisfaludy, a marine biologist and National Geographic grantee, received a call from a guy who found a dead dolphin that was washed up on shore.

    Instead of throwing the dolphin in the trash, it was re-purposed for his experiment.

    A SCUBA Diver

    According to the article, the dolphin was placed at a “shallow” 180 feet where the rotting corpse created a whole new mini-ecosystem.

    A rotting Dolphin

    As strange as this world has been lately, Kisfaludy has been given credit as the first guy to ever document the underwater decomposition of a dolphin.

    A rotting Dolphin

    The entire article, with a short video, can be found here: Filming a Time-Lapse of a Dolphin Carcass on the Seafloor is No Easy Task

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