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  • May 31, 2016

    The Month Of May Sucked For Diving

    The last several months of shore diving have absolutely sucked; at least that’s the reports that I have received.

    I’ve woken up in the mornings to see swell map models in the orange and yellow and surfers on the beach webcams.

    I guess I need to come up with some money to get on a boat, or have enough patience to wait out what has been one of the worst shore diving seasons that I can remember.

    So, you may ask, what the hell have I been doing to occupy my time?

    Yeah, I guess this is just to add fluff to my blog as I haven’t posted anything relevant in a month.

    I am still training to be a cage fighter, however, the older I get, it seems I’m losing my youthful advantage.

    I have also acquired a Telecine – it digitizes regular 8 mm and Super-8 film…

    A Telecine

    … if you’re under 25, you may not even have a clue as to what that is.

    I’ve started to digitize my collection of movies that I have acquired over the years from estate sales, internet purchases and my personal collection.

    I have realized, some are just plain F’ing weird…

    Drunk guys getting married, circa 1960s.

    Others, are ancient skin flicks…

    Ancient Prono

    … and others are quite historic…

    Las Vegas 1960s

    Sorry for being off the diving topic, but the good and interesting movies I am digitizing and putting on the following YouTube Channel:

    The 8 mm film archive

    On that note, I am scraping for some boat money.

    More diving soon, but yes, I am still alive.

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