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    November 29, 2015

    Australian Cave Diving

    I came across an interesting and extremely macho article about Australian cave diving on Vice News.

    These caves are quite unique; as the article states:

    “Most caves elsewhere in the world were formed when streams carved holes into ancient fault lines, but South Australia was a little weirder.

    Australian Cave Diving
    Photo By Vice News

    “The middle Australian state is book ended by two huge sheets of limestone that formed under the sea. Then later, when the sea drained away, rain gnawed into the limestone to form sprawling networks of water-logged tunnels that disappear for kilometers into the guts of the Earth.”

    The caves are out in the middle of nowhere
    These caves are out in the middle of nowhere – Photo By Vice News

    Once these caves were discovered, the sport of Australian cave diving evolved to explore these caves.

    After 11 divers died in a span of six years during the 1970s, the Cave Divers Association of Australia was formed to try and make it safer by kicking out the thrill seekers and suicide freaks.

    Anyway, to read the article in it’s entirety, go here:

    Cave Diving in the Nullarbor Is Like Floating in Space By Royce Kurmelovs

    UPDATE: This dog was adopted Sunday, October 29th and went to a new home!

    By the way, this beautiful, loyal and trustworthy dog is still available for adoption.

    If you adopt him, he will not get executed.

    Wonderful doggie!

    This dog needs a home – he is an all-American, good ol’ non-terrorist dog!

    November 22, 2015

    Sunday Diving White Point

    So, last pier clean-up, I met this really hot chick who had just moved here from Boston; she had expressed interest about getting back into diving now that she had moved to Southern California.

    She has been certified since 2005.

    I gave her my phone and pager number and told her to call me when she wanted to go diving.

    Weeks later, she called me to go diving; it took me a while to get over the shock and confirm TwinDuct wasn’t just messing with my mind.

    TwinDuct suggested that we should dive White Point in San Pedro, since we haven’t done it in a long time.

    It sounded like a plan, so the three of us – TwinDuct, Boston Kelly and me – met at 8 AM at White Point.

    The wind was up, but the swells were manageable.

    TwinDuct drags his ass.
    TwinDuct drags his ass gearing up…

    Boston Kelly is amazed TwinDuct gears so slow.
    …as Boston Kelly looks on in amazement.

    We made the short, but rocky walk to what was left of some of the old hot spring pools to make our entrance.

    Kelly makes her entrance.
    Kelly makes her entrance.

    The entrance area was protected from the incoming swells; we swam out and submerged.

    I tried to go deeper, but ended up going in circles; we surfaced and swam further out before making another descent.

    Going Down

    Logged SCUBA Dive #495

    Dove with Boston Kelly and TwinDuct

    White Point, San Pedro, CA, USA

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 1200 psi
    Max depth: 40 feet
    Waves: Pretty flat with some waves breaking against the rocks
    Visibility: 20 feet or so
    Water Temperature: 65 degrees
    Air Temperature: 73 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 35 minutes

    Boston Kelly Follows
    Boston Kelly Follows.

    Reef at White Point

    Visibility was pretty good.

    This was Boston Kelly’s second dive in Southern California waters, with the first dive being the pier clean-up in Redondo Beach.

    She later remarked that she couldn’t believe there was so much to see here.

    Reef at White Point

    Boston Kelly and TwinDuct

    Kelp forest

    Reef at White Point

    Reef at White Point

    Kelp forest.

    TwinDuct checks out a reef.
    TwinDuct checks a reef for lobsters.

    Reef at White Point
    What is left of an old lobster trap.

    Garibaldi at White Point
    Garibaldi at White Point.

    Reef at White Point

    Even though we did get down to 40 feet, the majority of our dive wasn’t much deeper than 30 feet.

    We headed back and in to make an easy exit.

    A woman brings beer!
    Kelly brought beer!

    Boston Kelly logs her dive.
    Boston Kelly logs her dive – this was dive number five, after her certification a decade ago!

    The ghetto grill!
    We broke out the ghetto grill and made some hamburgers.

    Time to check the smart phones!
    Being away from their smart phones for more than an hour is just too much to bear!

    Me and Boston Kelly.
    Me and Boston Kelly – Sorry, I can’t suck my gut in and smile at the same time.

    Debriefing conversation consisted of topics as diverse as photography, diving, water rafting, bungee jumping and the shitty dating scene for apparently all singles.

    Kelly expressed interest in rafting (if we have snow pack) and bungee jumping – I forgot to ask if she would be interested in going to Albania next year.

    She’s off on another business trip, but hopefully we will dive again, soon.

    More diving to come!

    By the way, this cute, lovable dog still needs a home…

    The nicest dog in the world.

    UPDATE: This dog was adopted Sunday, October 29th and went to a new home!

    To repeat this dog’s story from last post:

    Some asshole abandoned this dog by roping him to a fence in an alley (Wardlow and North Marietta Court, Long Beach) tight enough to where he couldn’t even lay down on the hot pavement. No tags, no chip.

    The dog is scared, but not aggressive at all. He is a good dog, but I am unable to adopt him because of my HOA agreement.

    So, if you want a really cool dog, he needs a home. Contact is on the link.

    And, I witnessed this first hand.

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