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  • June 26, 2015

    The End Of My Trip And Other Odds And Ends

    Sorry for the big delay in this post.

    Me and Jay.
    Me with Attack Dog Jay.

    I have been back for several weeks and came back with a lingering cold that I am just now shaking.

    I actually went to a doctor and got some antibiotics that did absolutely nothing; after some time and lots of liquids, I’m starting to feel a lot better.

    I am hoping to get back in the water soon, but will probably just do a check out dive at Redondo Beach to verify I haven’t forgotten how to SCUBA dive.

    One thing I did miss was the beach closures due to unexplained tar balls washing up on the beach.

    So, on to the conclusion of my classified trip…

    May 24-28, 2015*

    We drove the John Wayne Road Tour which consisted of old landmarks – A Train Depot, his Dad’s old pharmacy and various other landmarks related to John Wayne and the surrounding community.

    Secret Agent K
    Secret Agent K models a dunce cap.

    John Wayne's Dad';s Pharmacy.
    John Wayne’s Father’s Pharmacy In Earlham, Iowa.

    The next day, we went back to the museum and the John Wayne Birthplace Museum.

    Me at the John Wayne Birth Place Museum.

    You are only allowed to take pictures inside the museum, as long as it is against the fake Monument Valley backdrop.

    Yeah, I tried taking more pictures, but got busted pretty damn quickly.

    And speaking from experience, the real Monument Valley is a lot better than the mural in the museum.

    Johgn Wayne's Birth Place

    Me outside John Wayne's Birth Place
    Me outside the John Wayne Birthplace.

    The room where John Wayne was born.
    The room where John Wayne was born.

    Inside The House
    Inside The House.

    John Wayne and His Baby Brother
    John Wayne and his baby brother Robert.

    It was then on to the “Covered Bridges of Madison County.”

    These are just covered bridges made famous by the movie The Bridges of Madison County.

    However, I was told, these are a must see when in Madison County.

    Another bridge.

    Honestly though, if you happen to see one bridge, all the others are built the same way.

    The Tower Outside of Winterset
    The Tower Outside of Winterset.

    A covered bridge
    This covered bridge expands over a ditch.

    Muddy Suburban
    Our Gangster-mobile shows signs of the terrain.

    Now on to a train ride…

    Boone Railroad

    We went to the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad for a quick 12 mile ride.

    Old trains

    The thing that was cool… it was a nice ride and beautiful scenery.

    The thing that sucked… there was no beer on the train.

    Trains at Boone
    Trains at Boone.

    View From Train
    View From Train.

    The next day, we flew back to Las Vegas where Secret Agent K departed.

    The final leg was a two night stay in Laughlin.

    The Aquarius Hotel and Casino
    The Aquarius Hotel and Casino.

    No chairs in hotel

    The hotel has no chairs in the room; when I asked why, I was told, “If you want to sit, there are chairs in the casino.”

    TV Menu
    The TV menu – listed in order of priority.

    View of Colorado River
    View of the Colorado River from the hotel room.

    I played Roulette, craps and penny slots…

    My winnings
    My winnings at the end of the night.

    We drove back to the ghetto after the second night in Laughlin.

    Again, sorry for the delay in the conclusion of this story and the skimpy details for the reasons of this trip.

    I would not have missed this trip for anything, and the longer the details remain classified, the better – that simply means things haven’t gotten worse.

    I will be back in the water soon.

    *Post delayed due to security and other reasons.

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