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    November 30, 2014

    Sunday’s Diving Conditions

    I cheated myself out of a dive last weekend by relying on the online swell map and staying home, only to find out conditions were divable.

    Dive reports from Thanksgiving were reported as being good.

    The swell maps this morning didn’t make diving look too promising, but I had to find out for myself.

    I arrived at Terranea Resort at 8:10 AM.

    A storm approaches.
    A storm was approaching.

    I walked down to check out conditions and found the rest of the regular crowd.

    The group checks conditions.
    Chipper was absent, so I was hoping for good conditions.

    Pictures really don’t do justice here – conditions sucked.

    The Cove.
    The Cove was choppy with constant waves.

    “Maybe the Point is divable,” I sort of jokingly asked.

    “No, it’s pretty bad; we already looked,” someone said.

    Off The Point.
    Conditions towards The Point.

    There was talk about checking out Honeymoon Cove, but we figured the chop was going to be everywhere.

    After some conversation of diving day’s past and brief reports from this lobster season, we were all off in separate directions.

    It is raining.
    At 11 AM it started to rain hard in the Long Beach ghetto.

    We will try again next week.

    November 17, 2014

    SCUBA Diving Hand Signal Review

    I didn’t have a chance to get wet this weekend; the swell maps didn’t make conditions seem very promising, either.

    However, I have been looking through some of my funny diving related graphics and have decided to start sharing some.

    Below is a bunch of graphics from an old diving manual where the actual meanings have been replaced by alternate ones.

    Warning: These may only be funny to divers, and this should not be used by students as a study aide.

    I spit up beer all over my keyboard when I read the second to the last one.

    SCUBA Diving Hand Signal Review
    Funny SCUBA Hand Signals
    Funny SCUBA Hand Signals
    Funny SCUBA Hand Signals

    This is a commonly circulated graphic, but I believe it originated from

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