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  • June 29, 2014

    Sunday Services SCUBA Dive Report

    The weather was overcast, but warm; diving reports from Wednesday from Veterans Park were of dismal conditions, including large rolling waves.

    I was really thinking about staying home, but I had good feelings about today.

    I got to Terranea Resort about 20 minutes late, but parking was no problem.

    Reverend Al, Steve and Donna the Hot Biker Chick were walking back from a conditions check.

    The foamy cove.

    “It looks a little green, so we’re going off the Point and deep,” I was told.

    We geared up and walked to The Point; we were the only divers there today.

    Entering off The Point was a little tricky, and we got surprised by some pounding rouge swells.

    I waited patiently for the swells to subside and made it out with no issues.

    Donna was a little winded when she made it out – I think she had to fight against an incoming swell; Eric looked like he nearly missed playing pinball against some rocks.

    We swam around and under the kelp before meeting again and doing our final descent.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #468

    Dove with: Reverend Al, Donna The Hot Biker Chick, Eric and Mike

    Terranea Resort (a.k.a. Old Marineland)
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA

    In With: 2900 psi
    Out With: 500 psi
    Max depth: 62 feet
    Waves: Generally calm with some big rolling waves on shore
    Visibility: 8-10 feet, silty
    Water Temperature: 68 degrees
    Air Temperature: 81 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 46 minutes

    In three words – visibility sucked ass.

    I followed Reverend Al, the rest followed us.

    Believe it or not, but Al found the statue at the pinnacle; it is heavily encrusted with sea growth, but still recognizable.

    We started to head to The Cove after five minutes; there was a strong current going the other way.

    It wasn’t a bad dive, but the visibility just sort of sucked.

    Mike apparently spotted a few lobsters.

    I didn’t see anything really cool – like a shark or something; it was a typical, low vis non-dramatic dive.

    I broke away from the group at 500 psi and surface swam about 150 yards to a perfect exit.

    Parking lot debriefing.
    Light debriefing ensued.

    The five of us talked about how we sometimes scare off some would-be divers wanting to join us here.

    “I just want people to know, this is a rocky entrance and exit – do we really need to rescue someone who isn’t ready for a dive like this?” I asked.

    We then went over some scenarios if a diver did get injured while making an entrance off The Point.

    Those scenarios were scary to think about.

    Debriefing ended well before noon.

    The diving crew - Me, Donna, Mike, Al and Eric
    Today’s diving crew – Me, Donna The Hot Biker Chick, Mike, Reverend Al and Eric

    June 22, 2014

    Beginning Of Summer Dive – Bat Rays Spotted

    My apologies to my four loyal readers – I had been sick with congestion and some kind of weird lung infection for about a month; obviously, I’ve had to stay out of the water.

    But, with my recovery and the first day of Summer, I had decided to get back in the water at Terranea with a barbecue afterwards.

    I posted on Divevets that I would be bringing the ghetto grill and some tube steaks – yeah, times are hard for me right now.

    I pulled in to the public lot at Terranea Resort to find the lot packed with cars – I have never seen anything like it.

    I was lucky enough to have scored a spot – other divers had to park on the street near the old public access lot.

    I geared up and started the walk to the Point with Mean Bob and the other Dennis.

    An ultralight aircraft buzzed by the coast on our way down to the shore.

    I don’t know what it is – I always get nervous when entering off the Point.

    There’s big boulders that you have to climb over and you have to time it right so you ride a swell out; any mistake means you could get beached on a rock, or slammed against the boulders by an incoming wave.

    Luckily, the swells were gentile, and I entered without issues.

    However, once I swam out, I was with Reverend Al and his group – Mean Bob was nowhere to be found.

    The kelp was leaning in the opposite direction of the Cove – our exit point.

    I told Al that I would follow his group, but I would leave early to fight the current back, and not to worry.

    Off the Point

    We descended.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #467

    Dove with: Reverend Al, Chipper and others, solo the second half

    Terranea Resort (a.k.a. Old Marineland)
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA

    In With: 2800 psi
    Out With: 500 psi
    Max depth: 61 feet
    Waves: Pretty calm, gentle, rolling swells
    Visibility: 10 feet
    Water Temperature: 72 degrees
    Air Temperature: 81 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 43 minutes

    Vis sort of sucked.
    Visibility sort of sucked.

    A cabezon fish?  Who knows?
    A Cabezon, I think?

    At 1500 psi I cut from the group and headed towards the Cove.

    The highlight of my dive…

    Bat Rey
    A Bat Ray!

    Bat Ray

    Either this Bat Ray made the rounds, or there were many in the water at the time, but over debriefing, most divers saw at least one Bat Ray.

    A starfish
    The light and visibility got better once I got shallower.

    A half eaten star fish
    Something must have really been hungry to take a bite out of a Starfish!

    I surfaced at 500 psi, about 150 yards from my exit.

    I surface swam to the Cove.

    A Sheep crab
    I passed over a Sheep Crab.

    Paddle boarders.
    Paddle Boarders

    I made an easy exit to the watchful eyes of the Pacific Wilderness Dive Club.

    Calm Cove at Terranea
    Perfect conditions to exit!

    Debriefing at Terranea

    Traditional debriefing started – announce that you are bringing a grill…

    Donna Photobombs Buffet

    …and food starts showing up from all over the place.

    Group Photo
    Today’s group.

    Tube steaks
    Tube steaks.

    Buffet debriefing
    The buffet – Tube steaks, mustard, buns, potato chips, fruit salad, macaroni salad, pie and chocolate brownies.

    Nothing like burning 800 calories beach diving to consume 1000 calories at the debriefing!

    An excellent day back in the water – I am hoping this Summer will be full of diving!

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