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  • August 11, 2010

    Diving Off The Bridge To Nowhere – August 8, 2010

    So, I’m sitting in a local Long Beach ghetto tavern, staying away from Psycho Chick by getting drunk with my bar friends, when I came up with a wonderful idea.

    Let’s get out of this dive, and do something fun!

    Free diving?

    Not many people were interested – maybe three people.

    Something a little more extreme?

    Why don’t we go for a nice day of bungee jumping?

    Worst case scenario, I wouldn’t have to worry about going home and sleeping in the same apartment as Psycho Chick.

    I had 16 people going, with a month’s notice, but the closer to the trip it got, the more people backed out – five jumpers ended up going.

    The best back out excuse that I heard was “The free fall is only 100 feet? Man, I’m not going just for that.”

    The second best was, “My eye hurts, so I can’t go.”

    The videos show the exciting day…

    Bungee Jumping the Bridge to Nowhere Preview

    A very good video by Professional Debriefer Paul showing the hike up to the Bridge To Nowhere and the initial jumps of the day.

    View this video on YouTube.

    Jeff and James Bungee Jumping The Bridge To Nowhere

    Here’s my three jumps, and my friend James’ single jump; my feet actually hit a tree at 5:47 into the video.

    View this video on YouTube.

    My video of the entire day, condensed down to about 10 minutes:

    View this video on YouTube.

    How did this bridge get there?

    The Bridge To Nowhere was part of a road project, but a flood in 1938 washed the road away and the project was abandoned.

    Want to go Bungee jumping?

    Bungee America is the company that provides the bungee jumps at The Bridge To Nowhere.

    I went with Bungee America when the founder, Ron Jones, was just starting to jump at the bridge in 1992; 18 years later, a lot of improvements have been made to the operation and they have kept a perfect safety record.

    That makes Bungee America safer than Disneyland!

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