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    September 24, 2006

    Logged Dive #205 – Old Marineland Solo Dive

    Long Point, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
    (aka The Old Marineland)

    Solo Diving

    In With: 2500 psi
    Out With: 500 psi
    Max depth: 45 feet
    Waves: Long, swooping 3 to 4 foot swells
    Visibility: 10 feet and silty
    Water Temperature: Cool
    Total Bottom Time: About 40 minutes

    I had to stop in at work early, so afterwards I headed over the bridge and to Long Point.

    The Point looked sort of hairy – calm but a few big waves.

    The cove had sweeping, but manageable waves.

    I geared up and walked down.

    My plan was to put my fins on first, but a wave came and knocked me down, and again.

    I floated out and began to sink.

    I gulped a mouth full of water before inflating my BC jacket.

    I clumsily put both fins on as I bobbed up and down in the surf zone.

    I hoped nobody was watching, but I know I had a few people looking at my shitty entrance.

    Then, I realized that I lost my knife in the surf zone.

    I was wondering when I would lose my first knife.

    I swam towards 120 reef and submerged.

    Vis really sucked swimming out.

    Once I got to the reef, vis opened to 10 feet, put it remained pretty silty – but enjoyable nonetheless.

    I saw a lot bigger fish than usual.

    I ran across “my” lobster trap at the end of 120 reef; it’s turning in to a pile of rust and no longer usable as a clandestine lobster trap to whomever has kept baiting over the last couple of years.

    I trolled around and headed back after burning down to 1000 psi of air.

    As I was exiting, Reverend Al, Dennis and a lot of Divevets were entering the water.

    I tried to take my fins off first, but was washed up on the rocks and crawled out – sort of a non-glamorous exit.

    Al inquired on the conditions.

    He said that he “can live with 10 feet vis.”

    I noticed someone ran her car into a ditch near the driveway.

    Maybe a drunken teenager out on a joyride who was looking for a short cut?

    Afterwards, a few beers, lunch with Ed, lunch with my parents and brother, more beer and then dinner with my girlfriend Jane, and more beer – I think I must have gained 20 pounds today.

    September 10, 2006

    Logged Dive #204 – Vereran’s Park Solo Dive

    Veteran’s Park
    Redondo Beach, CA

    Solo Diving

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 500 psi
    Max depth: 105 feet
    Waves: 1-3 feet, easy
    Visibility: 10-20 feet
    Water Temperature: I’m guessing 58 degrees Fahrenheit with no thermalcline.
    Total Bottom Time: About 35 minutes

    After stopping by Long Point and seeing the conditions – and other divers leaving, I headed over to Redondo Beach.

    It was relatively flat with a few nuisance waves.

    A lot of students were there as usual.

    I walked in to the water and put my fins on.

    I submerged to 15 feet or so and the headed West.

    I saw – sand, silt an occasional other diver, small fish, small crabs, etc.

    If you read what I wrote on my previous dives at Redondo, it was pretty much the same.

    I slowly went down the shelf and slowly swam to 105 feet.

    105 feet felt good.

    No back pain; as Ed would put it, “a massage.”

    I swam back up and rested a good 15 minutes above the shelf as a safety stop.

    I came ashore without incident.

    Dry Suit Greg and Dennis G were diving here, too.

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