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    April 16, 2005

    Logged Dive #113 Redondo Beach, CA

    Veteran’s Park, Redondo Beach, CA

    Dove With Dennis G.

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 1000 psi
    Max depth: 90 feet
    Waves: 1-2 feet
    Visibility: 10 feet
    Water Temperature: I wasn’t too cold
    Total Bottom Time: 30 minutes

    I needed to dive so I wouldn’t forget how.

    I also needed to be in Lakewood to put a bid in on a condo in Long Beach.

    I ran in to Instructor John, Ron (from my Advanced Class that I took) and Glenn.

    Dennis G. was scouting spots; I told him, “I’m going in; gear up and you can come with me.”

    Dennis told me that he has 40 more hours of community service before he’s finished.

    Apparently, he pulled up two short lobsters and received 240 hours of community service.


    I’ll remember that next lobster season!

    We walked down to the shore and entered about 8:45 AM.

    I basically followed Dennis once we were down.

    We followed the shelf down to 90 feet; squid sacks, small fish and garbage were abundant.

    I thought we were way North, but Dennis did a great job navigating.

    I never dove with him before, but didn’t seem too worried about me as a diver.

    Easy out; a wave dislodged my mask.

    Dennis had me sign his logbook; he has 340+ dives logged.

    April 9, 2005

    The Mr. C – The Dive That Never Happened

    Filed under: Called Dives

    Nick is back from his contract gig in Canada.

    We had reservations to go on the Mr. C, but there were strong winds all night long.

    I showed up at the boat at 6 AM; it was a 7 AM departure.

    They basically said, “Don’t bother with the rest of your gear. We’re not going, it’s canceled.”

    I called Nick, he was disappointed.

    Oh well, this has been the worst Winter for diving.

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