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    June 27, 2004

    Logged Dive #59 at Veteran’s Park

    Veteran’s Park
    Redondo Beach, CA

    Solo Diving

    Nick wasn’t interested in diving today because of the visibility yesterday.

    Daniel M from Redondo Pier is getting his tank serviced but was willing to rent one.

    I had to work early and didn’t want to wait for Daniel.

    If I’m not going to see anything, I might as well go deep.

    I got in the water about 9:45 AM.

    Other divers were there, mostly students.

    I descended to 20 feet and started heading West.

    Visibility sort of sucked, but that was no surprise – it was about 10 feet.

    I went over the shelf and kept swimming slowly to 85 feet.

    I turned and started going East.

    Coming up at 70 feet I found an “Alamo” baseball cap.

    “Alamo” as in “Remember the Alamo,” not the car rental place.

    I put the hat on and wore it all the way in.

    At 60 feet I swam North and then back again.

    I just took it slow.

    I saw a group of crabs, some starfish, small fish and trash.

    At 1200 psi I started to head in.

    At 10 feet I ascended.

    I was about 20 yards from shore, still wearing my baseball cap.

    The waves were 2-3 feet but broke close to shore.

    I took my fins off in the water and walked to shore.

    In with: 3100 psi
    Out with: 1000 psi
    Maximum depth: 85 feet
    Waves: 2-3 feet
    Visibility: 10 feet
    Water Temperature: Pretty Cool
    Total Bottom Time: About 35 minutes

    June 26, 2004

    Logged Dive #58 at Long Point

    Long Point, CA
    (aka The Old Marineland)

    Dove with Nick

    We met at 8 AM.

    Watching the waves I saw two divers go in and cancel the dive shortly thereafter.

    I don’t know why, but there was a woman there; that might explain it.

    It was an easy entry; the swells were 1 to 2 feet and I did the new “enter with one fin on” trick.

    We swam to the first kelp bed North of Pigeon Shit Cave.

    The visibility sucked.

    I was hoping it would be a good as last weekend.

    There was a slight current pulling us South.

    We surfaced and tried to find the second kelp bed.

    It took a few tries, but we found a reef and hung out there for the remainder of the dive.

    Nick was photographing, I was sightseeing.

    Crap!  I don’t know what this is, but it looks like a strange star fish.

    Orange star fish embrace each other.

    A rock fish, maybe sculpin?? hides on a reef.   Help me with the name!

    A nudibrach!

    A sea slug.

    Walking out from the cove at Long Point.

    Easy out!

    Easy out, but as always, I was knocked down by a wave walking ashore.

    In with: 2900 psi
    Out with: 600 psi
    Maximum depth: 35 feet
    Waves 1-3 feet
    Visibility: 15 feet at best
    Water temperature: warm and cold
    Total Bottom Time: 35 minutes

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