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    May 31, 2004

    Logged Dive #52 Indian Rocks, Catalina, CA

    Indian Rocks, Catalina, CA

    Indian Rocks, Catalina

    This is dive #3 off of “The Bottom Scratcher”

    Dove with Nick

    Nick had to repair the strap latch on one of his fins with tie wraps.

    Close to 2 PM we had to enter the water — probably closer to 2:30 PM.

    My regulator started free flowing.

    I banged on it – it stopped (I actually had been using Instructor Ed’s rig this trip.).

    I noticed that the exhaust vent on Ed’s secondary was loose; I took my knife out and tightened it while I waited for Nick.

    Dive Master Sean yelled, “Are you using your knife to work on your rig?”

    “Yes,” I replied.

    “I thought so,” he replied.

    Nick jumped in shortly thereafter.

    My primary second stage was OK, but my secondary second stage was free flowing slightly.

    I used my secondary second stage for this dive.

    I thought it might conserve air since my primary secondary didn’t leak.

    Nick checks out the scenery.

    Can you see the hidden fish?

    This is pretty much a shallow dive with lots of kelp and an interesting assortment of reefs and rocks.

    Fish around kelp.

    Fish off of Indian Rocks

    One turn you may be over grass, and then fall down into a reef covered with kelp.

    It’s like an underwater maze.

    Quite interesting scenery.

    We surfaced beyond the front of the boat, went back under and swam to the back.

    I was a little concerned about the depth of this dive.

    The tables said that I was good on this dive at 35 feet for 35 minutes.

    I ended up at 45 feet for 45 minutes.

    In with: 3100 psi
    Out with: 800 psi
    Max depth: 45 feet
    Waves: 0 – not a factor
    Visibility: 45 feet
    Water Temperature: Warm
    Total bottom time was about 45 minutes

    The Bottom Scratcher is a great boat – we partied all the way home.

    I made it a point to drink lots of beer — I thought it would displace the residual Nitrogen in my blood with Carbon Dioxide.

    Captain Rick of The Bottom Scratcher

    Captain Rick of The Bottom Scratcher

    “Rick” was the Captain, “Sean” the Divemaster, “Bobby” the deckhand who filled the tanks and “Debbie” was the cook.

    Hot chicks sun themselves on the Bow of the Bottom Scratcher

    Hot chicks sun themselves on the bow of the Bottom Scratcher.

    Hot chicks rest on the second level of the Bottom Scratcher.

    Hot chicks rest on the second level of the Bottom Scratcher.

    I also met Karen – a hot chick who’s been diving for two weeks AND has a boyfriend.

    Sonya – from the Netherlands – is a blonde hottie that parties with the Captain.

    Basically, this is a cool boat with cool people.

    The Divemaster wasn’t a babysitter; there was no problem with people solo diving.

    I will be back!

    Logged Dive #51 East Starlight, Catalina, CA

    East Starlight, Catalina, CADove with Nick

    Dive #2 off “The Bottom Scratcher.”

    Bobby the deck hand refilled our tanks after the first dive.

    We traveled about 40 minutes to this site.

    My surface interval was over an hour.

    We entered the water around 12:30 PM.

    Is that the Divemaster turning Nick’s air off as a practical joke?

    Is that the Divemaster turning Nick’s air off as a practical joke?

    Nick felt sort of rushed – I was the first in the water – and he forgot his weight belt when he jumped over board.

    He found out really quickly that he couldn’t sink.

    Nick called for his weight belt.

    Nick wants his camera back.

    Nick wants his camera back.

    Visibility was poorer here than at Ship Rock.

    There’s a reef and a huge kelp bed going towards the shore.

    We took our time looking around taking pictures.

    Sheephead, Sea Bass, kelp fish — they all were there; sort of like Long Point, but much more compact and abundant.

    What does everyone takes pictures of here?

    Divers in kelp and Garibaldi!

    A Garibaldi

    Nick in the kelp.

    Me in the kelp.

    Me being macho.

    We surfaced pretty close to the boat and swam in.

    In with: 2900 psi
    Out With: 1000 psi
    Max depth: 63 feet
    Waves: 0 feet; insignificant
    Visibility: 30 feet
    Water Temperature: Fairly Warm
    Total Bottom Time: 30 minutes

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