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    February 8, 2004

    Logged Dive #26 Long Point, CA – The Old Marineland

    Long Point, CA 8 AM
    (aka The Old Marineland)

    Solo Diving

    I entered the water about 8:30 AM.

    The water was almost as smooth as glass.

    Entering was no problem.

    Swimming out was very clear; I saw the bottom almost all the way out.

    I went to the small caves where I saw lobsters last time.

    It is indeed straight out from the tip of the point about 35 feet down.

    I brought my flashlight and looked in many crevices for lobster; I didn’t find any.

    I navigated back to the same spot I submerged from.

    Total time underwater was about 45 minutes.

    In with: 2800 psi
    Out with: 600 psi
    Max depth: 45 feet
    Waves: 1 foot
    Water Temperature: Cold
    Visability: 20 feet and clear

    I came back to the shore with no problem.

    Ed and his dogs were there.

    February 7, 2004

    Logged Dive #25 Veteran’s Park, Redondo Beach, CA

    Veteran’s Park
    8 AM
    Redondo Beach, CA

    Solo Diving

    My friend Nick informed me that he was going to take a lesson at Redondo.

     I haven’t been deep diving in a while, so Redondo Beach was it!

    I entered the water about 8:30 AM; there were virtually no waves, a foot at best.

    I walked in to the water and put my fins on.

    I went down initially to 25 feet and swam West towrds the shelf.

    I went down the shelf to 80 feet. It was of course, really cold and dark.

    Squid egg sacks were sparse, but were there.

    I was at 80 feet for about five minutes.

    I started going back up the shelf and paid attention to how many dead crab skeletons littered the bottom.

    The floor is pretty barren; but coming back up the shelf, at the top was a huge white starfish, in the middle of nothing.

    I swam toward the beach and surfaced when I was at 10 feet.

    I took my fins off in the water and walked ashore.

    I stayed under about 40 minutes.

    In with: 2800 psi
    Out With: 500 psi
    Max depth: 80 feet
    Waves: 1 foot
    Water Temp: Cool
    Visibility: 15 feet

    I met Nick when I was done, shortly after I got dressed.

    All he did was float on top of the water – how Boring!

    He wants to know what it’s like to dive.

    The water was so calm here, Long Point must be spectacular.

    I’ll try Long Point tomorrow.

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