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  • December 14, 2003

    Logged Dive #22 Long Point, CA

    Long Point, CA
    8:30 AM
    (aka The Old Marineland)

    Solo Diving

    I got there around 8:30 AM; the gates leading to the parking lot were locked.

    The divers who I met on October 18th of this year were there. They introduced themselves as Dennis, Fred and Al. My friend Nick was also there; he wanted to watch me dive.

    Anyway, someone came and unlocked the gates about 8:50 AM.
    Me Getting Ready
    The gates leading to the coast was locked. Luckily, I know the combination — 1948.
    Walking Down

    The waves looked rough but manageable.

    I quickly got ready and walked down to the shore, Nick was in tow with his camera.

    Dawning My Fins

    Going Out

    Perfect entry.

    There was a boat nearby, close to the rocks near the entrance to the cave.

    The visibility was 15 feet and soupy.

    The water was fairly cool.

    It was a typical Long point dive through the kelp beds.

    I believe I saw an octopus, or at least an octopus’ eyeball sticking out of a hole on the bottom.

    I came back up twice (surfaced) to get a bearing on where I was.

    My final surfacing was close to where I had originally submerged.

    Coming In From SCUBA Diving
    The waves were rather easy getting out.

    I rode two waves in, washing up on the rocks.

    Nick said that I “timed that perfectly.”

    Washing The Ocean Water Out Of My Mouth With Beer

    I washed the ocean water out of my mouth with a cool beer.

    Nick said some “gay divers” came down while I was in the water.

    “How do you know they’re gay?” I asked.

    “Because they hit on me while you were gone,” Nick said.

    Nick is thinking about taking up diving. He put my jacket and tank on and held my weight belt.

    He said, “Dude, how do you even get up?”

    I replied, “You just have to be as macho as I am.”

    In with 3100 psi
    Out with 500 psi
    Max depth 40 feet
    Waves 3-4 feet
    Water temperature: cool almost cold

    December 13, 2003

    Logged Dive #21 Long Point, CA

    Long Point, CA
    (aka The Old Marineland)

    Solo Diving

    It’s suppose to rain tomorrow, so I dove today.

    If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’ll dive tomorrow.

    I got to Long Point about 8:30 AM.

    Salvage and clean-up ships.

    Two other would-be divers were asking me what the big boat with the containment buoys were doing.

    I found out later that they were containing fuel and oil from a fishing boat that sank — this was after I came back out.

    Waves in and out were about three and a half feet.

    It was two hours from high tide.

    I went in with 3200 psi, left with 500 psi.

    I took my camera hoping that it was going to be as clear as November 23rd — 30 feet visibility.

    Visibility was only 15 feet or so.

    Oh well, I tried 200 speed film instead of 400.

    The pictures came out much better.

    But hey, a $40 camera is just that… a $40 camera!


    Garibaldi along a reef.

    A darkened reef.

    I’m at 40 feet now.

    I’m at 40 feet now.

    The water was cold; about 45-50 degrees F; I got used to it once submerged.

    Another Garibaldi!

    A self portrait - retarded looking diver?

    A retarded looking diver; Okay, that’s a self portrait!

    I got tangled on kelp a few times but was able to pull myself free.

    An orange blob and red blob.

    A rock fish.

    Easy going back in, I mean coming back to shore.

    I met a few diving researchers that say they regularly monitor the temperature of the water off of Long Point.

    In with: 3200 psi
    Out with: 500 psi
    Max depth: 45 feet
    Waves: 3 and a half feet
    Water temperature: 45 degrees (I think) cold

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