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  • July 13, 2003

    Logged Dive #14 Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA

    Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA

    Dove with Instructor Ed and Sergeant Miller

    10:30 AM, 75 degree +, High Tide

    Waiting For High Tide

    We purposely waited until 10:30 for high tide.

    Cell phone reception sucks at Leo Carrillo

    Cell phone reception sucks at Leo Carrillo

    Went into six foot waves with 2600 psi. Ed wanted us to sink to the bottom and swim, but it was too rough and I was using too much air. At 2300 psi I swam out on top of the waves.

    Ed with his spear gun.

    Ed with his spear gun.

    Ed and Sargeant Miller

    Ed and Sergeant Miller rest on the surface.

    We went out to the far kelp bed because closer was pea soup visibility.

    We went 45 feet down, visibility was 15 feet.

    I took pictures with Sergeant Miller; Instructor Ed spear fished solo.

    I forgot my gloves; it was cold on the thermocline.

    I was afraid to touch anything.

    A reef off Leo Carrillo.

    A spider crab.

    Sargeant Miller under water in shitty viz.

    Sergeant Miller underwater in crappy viz.

    Another glance at the side of a reef.

    The waves were very tough getting back on shore.

    Sergeant Miller was first, ten minutes later came me, six minutes later came Ed.

    The lifeguard helped all of us in.

    Ed with his catch!

    Ed caught two sheephead and another fish – I’m not sure what kind.

    I exited the water with 300 psi.

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