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  • June 14, 2003

    Logged Dive #13 Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA

    Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA

    Dove With Ed

    10 AM, 70 degree air temperature

    3-11 foot waves, but pretty calm, sunny.

    Visibility really sucked; it was explained to me that it was low tide.

    I took pictures, Ed spear fished, got some Uni; used 2100 psi of air.

    I saw a small shark below me when I was looking for Ed.

    June 1, 2003

    Logged Dive #12 Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA

    Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA

    Dove with Ed

    Ed and I ready for diving

    Ed and I are ready to dive.

    Ed enters the surf

    Ed enters the surf zone.

    Cloudy, large 10-12 foot waves.

    I had a hard time getting out; burned 300 psi; entered water with 3100 psi.

    I took my new underwater camera.

    Visibility was bad, so only a few pictures came out.

    I made it out.

    Tired, but I made it out.

    There’s Ed.

    Visibility was bad – 10 feet at best around the first kelp bed.

    The third kelp bed was OK with about 20 feet visibility.

    There’s me submerging.

    There’s me submerging.

    Me trying to equalize.

    I think I’ve got the equalizing thing down now.

    Ed Underwater.

    There’s Ed underwater.

    Descending further.

    Going down… Wow my $40 underwater camera takes such great pictures!

    Self portrait.

    A self portrait.

    Left the water with 900 psi.

    Ed’s wife Maggie and the dogs were on shore.

    Ed makes Uni.

    Ed makes Uni as his wife and one of his “kids” watches on.

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