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    September 16, 2013

    Diving The ORP Wicher – Third Dive In Poland

    September 13, 2013*

    After we got done with our business at Zakzrowek, we packed up and headed back to the North, near Gdansk.

    Me, with the Krokodyle dive team, before departing Zakrzowek.

    It was a five hour drive, and I have a severe problem with snoring really badly, when I sleep sitting up – and that’s what I did.

    Diving with doubles, in cold water and then partying into the next morning does something screwy with my sleep pattern.

    I only woke up when my snoring got so loud, I can’t imagine the torture that I put my fellow passengers through.

    We stopped by a Polish KFC for lunch and soon after we arrived in Olsztyn…

    The Krokodyle Diving Base

    I bought a couple of arm seals for my dry suit, and I left with Kamil, in his car to Hel.

    Two hours later, we were in Hel, at the Dive Land Diving Base.


    I met Kamil’s girlfriend Kasia; we ate and drank in the restaurant, Admiral Nelson, until the next morning before stumbling back to the Diving Base.

    The next morning, we were to dive the ORP Wicher wreck.

    The ORP Wicher was sunk in the harbor by the fucking Nazis on the third day of Germany’s invasion of Poland.

    It was then, literally picked up and dumped on the other side of the beak wall to clear room for harbor traffic.

    “Discover SCUBA” client Jacob, and Kasia.

    We boarded the boat that Kamil rented for the weekend.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #446

    Dove with Kasia

    ORP Wicher Wreck
    Hel, Poland

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 1800 psi
    Max depth: 32 feet
    Waves: Mild chop
    Visibility: 15 feet
    Water Temperature: 58 degrees
    Air Temperature: 65 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 30 minutes or so

    I borrowed a wetsuit, while the Diving Base repaired my dry suit – I had no complaints with that; the water was fairly warm.

    Actually, visibility sort of sucked because of an algae bloom.

    Kasia told me, that when I get to a half tank, we will start to go back.

    We back flipped into the water, and the dive was on…

    Visibility was about 10 to 15 feet.

    A cannon.

    Jelly Fish.

    Another part of the wreck.

    Another cannon.

    This wreck is only 30 feet deep, at the most.

    Kasia didn’t realize that at that depth, I don’t use any air.

    We went in after 30 minutes.

    “I forgot to tell you, 30 minutes or half a tank, whichever comes first,” Kasia said.

    Yeah, 30 minutes on the wreck is good enough for me.

    Kasia found a a bullet while on our dive; bullets and shells are all over this wreck.

    I asked if I could keep it.

    Kamil said, “This bullet has not been shot, you may have to explain why you have this at the airport.”

    They added it to their collection of cool stuff they have found.

    Kasia with her bullet.

    This is an anchor Kamil found on another one of his dives.

    Here’s some other cool stuff the Base has collected over the years.

    Kamil and Jacob then went on their dive – Jacob loved the experience.

    Tonight, Igor is coming with another group of divers, some recreational, some tech divers.

    We are to do two or three dives tomorrow.

    We debriefed at Admiral Nelson’s again, Kamil behaved himself because he has to drive a boat tomorrow.

    *This post has been delayed due to Polish beer, Vodka and lack of internet access.

    September 14, 2013

    Second Dive At Zakrzowek Rock Quarry, Poland

    September 11, 2013*

    As stated in my last post, I accidentally ripped my right hand seal.

    Igor put a hard cuff in the sleeve, a new seal over it and secured it with a band.

    “I think it is fixed now,” Igor said.

    There were several divers in the water.

    I went in and over to two divers.


    “If you guys are waiting on me, we can go,” I said.

    They laughed.

    “We don’t even know who you are, so it may be the guys behind you,” he said in perfect English.

    “Jeff, over here,” Szymon said.

    We submerged.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #445

    Dove with Szymon and Takub

    Zakrzowek Rock Quarry
    Krakow, Poland

    In With: 2800 psi
    Out With: 1800 psi
    Max depth: 57 feet
    Waves: None
    Visibility: 15-20 feet
    Water Temperature: 50 degrees
    Air Temperature: 55 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 35 minutes or so

    I just followed the two.

    I have often wondered what people find intriguing about diving in a place like a rock quarry.

    I also found it interesting when I was told that Pope John Paul II worked in this rock quarry during World War II.

    Szymon and Takub posed for pictures, laid on their backs, attempting to blow air rings to the surface.



    We swam to the bus.

    I felt this cold water on my right arm, moving slowly to my chest.

    Yeah, I was leaking.

    Should I call the dive, or be punished for ripping my arm seal?

    I am macho, and true to Instructor Ed’s old saying, “Just keep going on.”


    They started messing around inside the bus, posing for pictures sitting in the driver’s seat.


    We passed by the airplane and soon I followed them to a line.



    I grabbed the line and and followed them; we were in 55 feet of water.

    All of a sudden, it looked like they were sinking, but I noticed that the line I was holding was taught… Oh, fuck, I was going to the surface really fucking quickly.

    I grabbed my inflation hose and dumped all the air out of my BCD.

    I sank down to the level we were at and gave the OK sign.

    I did not realize that we were swimming to shallower water.

    Szymon later told me that he thought I was giving the “out of air” sign.

    A Sturgeon.

    We ended the dive shortly thereafter, because someone had to take a piss really bad.

    We packed up and headed back to the diving base hotel.


    Again, they opened the bar just for us, where we proceeded to drink beer and eat pizza until 1 AM.

    *This post has been delayed due to Polish beer, Vodka and lack of internet access.

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