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    November 12, 2017

    Dive Report – Death Off The Oil Rigs

    I’m on a roll; I wanted to get back into the water again.

    Plus, I promised to bring some North Korean wine and mushrooms to barbecue for debriefing.

    I’m returning to my old macho self – all I have to do now is get back to cage fighting, but I just have a feeling I will get my ass beaten down more so now, than before.

    At least my beard isn’t coming in grey.

    Anyway, I made it down to Terranea resort a little before 8 am.

    It was very obvious that we were not going to go diving.

    I met Reverend Al, Jeff, Nice Bob and a diver named Jiles.

    Big waves off of Terranea Resort.

    Foam off the point at Terranea Resort.

    I don't think we'll be going.

    Checking on the conditions.
    Jeff and Reverend Al confirm my judgement.

    Even the cove looked shitty.

    Looking for illegal aliens and terrorists!
    The NSA looks for illegal aliens and terrorists off of our coast.

    On the radio this morning, I had heard that there was a diving accident off of the oil rigs.

    One diver apparently had an uncontrollable descent and disappeared, another diver got the bends and had to go to the hyperbaric chamber at Catalina.

    Jiles apparently was on the trip, so I can give you a third or fourth hand account of what happened.

    It was on the Pacific Star dive boat that was chartered from some Meet Up group.

    Two buddy divers were diving off the Elly oil rig when one of the divers, who was in his 50’s, lost consciousness.

    His buddy noticed that he did not have his regulator in his mouth and was descending rapidly.

    The buddy chased him, trying to put the regulator in his mouth and make him buoyant.

    The unconscious diver just kept sinking; at 170 feet the buddy couldn’t do anymore and did a rapid ascent to the surface to get help.

    The buddy was flown by the Coast Guard to the Catalina hyperbaric chamber.

    According to current local news, the Coast Guard had found the body of the other diver in more than 200 feet of water.

    A toast to no diving!
    A toast to no diving!

    We will try the North Korean debrief barbecue the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

    Local news regarding the diving tragedy is here:

    Dead Body of Missing Diver Recovered Off the Coast of Long Beach

    Update: Search for diver missing off Long Beach coast suspended on Sunday

    October 31, 2017

    October Update

    Sorry for not posting anything recently, but between business dealings and family health issues it has not been an easy month.

    I’ve been trying to get off my ass, and this last Saturday I went to the Beach Streets Event in Long Beach.

    Actually, I couldn’t help it – it went right through my ghetto.

    Me and the other penny farthing guy.
    I actually met the “Other guy with an Ordinary Bike.”

    The guy’s name is Steve – he is a little crazy because he doesn’t even wear a hat to protect his head!

    I woke up the next day to see a swell map off of Palos Verdes that promised me flat conditions.

    I actually had all my gear packed and even walked down to my nice truck at 6:30 am to go diving.

    I don’t know what it was; I turned around and went back to my apartment.

    Maybe it was because I was to eat lunch with my sister, brother and mother at Bashi in Terranea and was afraid I would be too drunk or tired at noon?

    I have no idea.

    I remember when I used to be the most macho person that I knew.

    I’m going to do a few solo dives at Veterans Park to see if I still remember how to dive; the only question is when.

    I did make it down to Terranea later that day, and was lucky enough to score a free spot.

    Diving Conditions
    I don’t know what it was like earlier, but at noon it looked like conditions sucked.

    Me at Terranea Resort
    I miss this place!

    Professional Debriefer Paul, my sister, mother and myself celebrated the birthday of my brother and father, who was not able to attend.

    After lunch, Professional Debriefer Paul took me on a tour of a local indoor tomato farm – the new way we will have to grow vegetables when global warming turns the Earth into the climate of Venus.

    I think the guy is some kind of a scientist.

    I never knew before now, how funny tomato plants smell.

    In door tomato plants
    Indoor tomato plants grown as a science project.

    I have saved a few items for Sunday debriefing… if that is, hopefully, still a thing.

    North Korean mushrooms –

    North Korean mushrooms.
    Soak them in water for a day and barbecue – it is like a North Korean burger patty!

    No, they are not poisonous or hallucinogenic; so I was told by my hot North Korean tour guide.

    And some genuine Ginseng wine from Kaesong, North Korea…

    Made in North Korea

    Ginseng wine from the DPRK.

    I’m hoping to be back this weekend.

    My last interview that I did on my August trip is online:

    So… One Time, in North Korea.. – The Meghan Jenkins Show

    Until next time… Yeah, I’ll update the lobster season countdown, soon.

    Keep diving!

    Don’t be like me!


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