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  • March 19, 2004

    Logged Dive #32 Moss Street, Laguna Beach, CA

    Moss Street, Laguna Beach, CA

    Dove with Nick (Photos By Nick)

    When we were at the dive shop, we asked where was a good place to go hunting.

    The guy said, “Nowhere. Your grandfather shot all the fish.”

    He then recommended Moss street.

    Panaramic Of Moss Street
    Moss Street is about 15 minutes South of the dive shop.
    The Walk Down The Stairs
    Moss street looks similar to Shaw’s Cove.

    Facing the cove from the water, the shore is North East, slightly leaning to North.

    The look ashore from Shaw’s Cove
    I think we entered the water close to noon.

    We swam out to where the dive shop recommended.

    It’s the far reef that actually stuck out occasionally depending on the waves.

    It was very choppy.

    Nick said he was concerned going out because of the occasional rocks that the bottom is strewn with.

    Visability was 10-15 feet and soupy.

    A reef off of Shaw’s Cove

    Abundant Sea Life Off Of Shaw’s Cove

    Me On The Hunt

    Grass and kelp were present. The reef is rather large but in very shallow water. Our maximum depth was 25 feet.

    Releasing A Lobster Out Of Season

    We saw several lobsters and even released one that was caught in an abandoned lobster trap.
    Shooting A Sheephead Before It Could Attack!
    I finally started to see some decent sized fish.

    I shot a female Sheephead, 12 inches in length.

    After that, it was harder to catch fish.

    We did some exploring, some photography and hunting.

    We came up with 900 psi.

    Getting ashore was rough; I had one hand free, a fish hanging from me and got slightly twisted coming in navigating the sparse rocks.

    I lost my lobster gauge again.

    Nick made it in fine.

    In with: 2600 psi
    Out with: 900 psi
    Waves: Two feet and choppy
    Maximum depth: 25 feet
    Water temperature: 60 degrees F plus or minus
    Visibility: 10-15 feet and soupy

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