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  • November 10, 2006

    Logged Dive #213 – Lobster Hunting Off The Island Diver

    Secret Location: 41 20 74 77 65 6e 74 79 20 6d 69 6e 75 74 65 20 72 69 64 65 20 6f 66 66 20 74 68 65 20 53 70 61 6e 69 73 68 20 52 6f 75 6e 64 20 42 65 61 63 68 20 69 73 20 61 20 66 61 72 6d 20 77 68 65 72 65 20 6f 6e 6c 79 20 70 69 70 65 73 20 61 72 65 20 67 72 6f 77 6e 2e

    Lobster hunting off the “Island Diver” boat with the Divevets Group

    Solo diving/night diving

    In With: 2800 psi
    Out With: 500 psi
    Max depth: 130 feet plus (By accident)
    Waves: Sort of choppy
    Visibility: 15 feet, good
    Water Temperature: 61 degrees Fahrenheit
    Total Bottom Time: About 20 minutes
    Notable Event: When a little deeper than planned.

    Most divers swam back from the North on the last dive, so the decision was made to move the boat “closer.”

    Bob sat this dive out since he had limited.

    I asked this time which direction I should go; the Captain and Bob pointed North.

    I had an hour surface interval and was the second one, after Dan, overboard.

    I followed the anchor line down and found Dan stalking an Electric Ray; I had other things to do.

    I proceeded North.

    It’s just like Vet’s Park in Redondo – sand, sand and more sand.

    I came across a cement or steel box that was covered with Red Anemone; they were talking about these boxes on the boat.

    Sure enough, one lobster was stuck on the ceiling of the box completely out of reach – I was at 95 feet.

    I kept going.

    The next thing I knew was that I was at 130 plus feet.

    I never had seen my depth gauge register that deep!

    Shit! Time to turn back.

    At 85 feet I ran across a bunch of lobsters on a quest for food.

    In a matter of minutes I had scrapped up five, but I was pushing my bottom time and air.

    I immediately started to ascend to 40 feet.

    I couldn’t see the bottom or any reference point, so all I knew was that I was getting pushed out to sea by a current.

    I decided to blow off my safety stop and just surface.

    I surfaced way out.

    I swam maybe 50 yards on the surface and got back to the boat.

    Not very many divers even saw a lobster this dive.

    My $20 “water resistant” watch is still ticking.

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