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  • July 22, 2006

    Safety Diver for The Los Angeles Sheriff Department’s “Gold Star Dive.”

    This is my second year as a safety diver for this event and this time it’s part of my Divemaster course.

    Instructor John, fellow DM Student Ron and myself took the 7 AM boat over.

    As instructed, I just took free diving equipment.

    I didn’t have to take my weight belt, but I did some free diving before the event.

    Registration and food!

    Registration and food!

    The safety crew.  Pretty damn scary, huh?

    The safety crew.

    Pretty damn scary, huh?

    The charity event started at 11 AM – John and I were in Kayaks; Ron was in the water with a can.

    The whole event went without a hitch, thank God.

    I was getting so bored, I reached over to grab a piece of kelp – I was going to throw it on the kayak and watch it turn green in the Sun – but I fell over and into the water.

    Ron swam over and held the kayak as I climbed back on board – Ron wrote this down as his “rescue” for the day.

    Jake from American Diving swam over and dumped a chick that was in another Kayak; Jake then had to free dive for her lost mask.

    This event had record attendance; I think 130 registered divers participated.

    We took the early boat back.

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