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  • February 4, 2006

    Logged Dive #171 – Safety Diver For An OW Class On Avalon

    Casino Point, Catalina, CA

    Dove with Instructor John and his ex-private OW student (see dives #126 and < a href=""> #127 ).

    In With: 3100 psi
    Out With: 1800 psi
    Max depth: 65 feet
    Waves: Insignificant
    Visibility: 20 feet plus
    Water Temperature: 57 degrees Fahrenheit, but seemed colder
    Total Bottom Time: About 30 minutes

    The mother and daughter finished the class on the last dive and opted out of this one.

    John wouldn’t let General Custer dive this one because of his nasal and ear problems going down.

    Dr. Smith sat this one out.

    So, John’s ex-private OW student and I spent about 30 minutes following John around the underwater park.

    We made it down to another wreck – a small boat on its side, then to another barge – or maybe it was THE barge?

    Well, one is a barge; the other one was a glass bottom boat.

    We ran across a plaque that pointing out a “Replica of a Spanish Galleon Wreck.”

    But there was no wreck?

    We made it to shore and up the stairs with no problem.

    While dressing, I noticed I received a page from my job that one of my servers had gone down.

    I called them back and was told that the Halon had dropped and everything was down.

    One of the Computer Operators told me, “You need to come to work right now.”

    “Uh, I’m on Catalina right now,” I said.

    We took an early boat back; the fact that I had to go to work made me pass up on all the drinks that Dr. Smith was offering to buy.


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