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  • March 13, 2004

    Logged Dive #29 Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA

    Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA

    Dove with Nick

    9 AM, Saturday

    It was raining a few weeks ago for a couple of weeks straight.

    Then I was sick last week after taking three days off to go diving; I was too sick to dive.

    After a slight miscommunication in where we were suppose to meet in Torrance, we left in the Duster to Leo Carrillo around 07:30.

    Parking ticket for Leo Carrillo.
    The Arrival At Leo Carrillo
    We arrived at Leo Carrillo around 8:40 AM — day use parking is $5.

    The waves were up to five feet but intermittent.

    I gave Nick Ed’s advise on getting out in such conditions.

    Basically, deflate your BCD, put your mouthpiece in and dive into the wave.

    It was rough going out.

    Many waves hit us — one right after the other.

    Nick handled himself really well.

    Visibility inland (near the shore I should say) obviously sucked.

    We swam to the second kelp bed.
    Checking My BC Jacket
    I heard a leak coming from my rig.

    I took my BCD jacket off to investigate.

    It was a small leak coming from my first stage.

    I wasn’t too concerned, but in the mean time, I lost my lobster gauge and flashlight.

    We went down to look for them, but I soon gave up.

    Nick had his underwater digital camera.

    Without the lobster gauge, I couldn’t go lobstering.
    Nick Underwater

    A Reef Covered With Sea Urchins

    A Spider Crab Ready To Attack

    A Reef Off Of Leo Carrillo Another Reef Off Of Leo Carrillo

    Many Colors Are Found Diving Off Of Leo Carrillo

    Here’s What I Look Like Underwater

    Another Leo Carrillo Reef

    Spectacular View, But No Lobsters Seen

    We swam around the kelp beds, surfaced, found them again and re-submerged.

    We surfaced with about 900 psi each. Coming in was tough — six foot swells.

     Nick did perfect.

    Damn!  Do I Look Macho, Or What?

    Nick Emerges From The Water
    In with: 2900 psi
    Out with: 600 psi
    Max depth: 35 feet
    Waves: Up to six feet
    Water temperature: Cool
    Visibility: 20 feet

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