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  • November 1, 2015

    First November Dive And Terranea Report!

    Sorry for not posting in a while; I was in Reno, Nevada on another secret mission seeing Secret Agent K.

    The only part of my trip that has been declassified so far has been the Mac Sabbath concert that I attended.

    Even though I have been told I can tell a pretty good story, I don’t remember enough of the concert to actually pull enough out of my memory and write an entire post on the subject, so a blurb is included here….

    Mac Sabbath!
    Mac Sabbath is a “drive through” heavy metal band that parodies Black Sabbath with fast food themed lyrics.

    Mac Sabbath!
    They have talent, and the show props and act make it well worth seeing.

    Mac Sabbath!
    Rock on!

    Ronald Osbourne and I.
    Due to my celebrity status, I was able to go back stage and hang out with Ronald Osbourne.

    OK, that was last week; now on to SCUBA diving!

    We set our clocks back at 2 AM this morning, so this was actually a day that I showed up 45 minutes late, but due to the time change I was actually 15 minutes early.

    I had checked the swell maps earlier, and wasn’t planning on diving because it looked crappy, but I had to check it out in person.

    Randy and I were the first on the scene and proceeded to check conditions.

    The cove looked pretty calm.
    The Cove looked pretty damn flat, The Point looked OK, too.

    Chipper, Another Jeff and nice Bob showed up.

    We geared up and went down.

    The other Jeff and I went to The Cove, the others dove off The Point.

    The entrance was really easy.

    Vis was really good!
    And visibility was really good!

    Logged SCUBA Dive #493

    Dove with the Other Jeff

    Off The Cove, Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 1100 psi
    Max depth: 44 feet
    Waves: Pretty flat with some waves breaking on shore
    Visibility: 25 feet plus, crappy is some spots though
    Water Temperature: 71 degrees
    Air Temperature: 82 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 57 minutes

    Diving off of Terranea Resort
    With such crappy conditions earlier in the week, visibility really came back quickly.

    The game preserve has really helped bring the fish back…

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    We started to head back in after 45 minutes.

    Diving off of Terranea Resort
    We overshot The Cove and ended up at the edge of The Garden… neither of us cared.

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    Diving off of Terranea Resort

    As we were surface swimming back, a snorkeler without a wet suit asked us if we were with “the other divers.”

    “Uhm, yeah, unless there’s other divers here that I don’t know about,” I replied.

    He started to interrogate me about who they are, and if they know this is a no hunting area.

    He basically accused the other three of poaching abalone.

    I told him, “We’ve been diving here for years, and we wouldn’t kill our pet abalone… the most they would be doing is feeding the fish.”

    I guess you can’t really see what’s going on 40 feet down from the surface?

    The Other Jeff and I made an easy exit.

    Bob and Randy meet a dog.
    Nice Bob and Randy were met by a Divemaster Dog upon exit.

    Traditional debriefing.

    Traditional debriefing ensued – the topic of conversation was the dude who thought we were poaching abalone, lobster trips, colonoscopies and butt sex with slutty women.

    More diving to come!



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