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  • May 23, 2015

    Classified Mission To Iowa – Part 2

    May 20-22, 2015*

    The idea of driving a rental Trabant did not work out well.

    Within the first hour of driving the thing, the clutch cable snapped – at least, I think it was the clutch cable.

    I tried diagnosing the problem myself, but the service manual that was in the trunk was all in German.

    I called Hans, who was not surprised that the car broke down.

    He apologized and hooked me up with another “rental” car from a guy named Guido, for the same price, as long as I promised to keep the vehicle in Iowa.

    Me with the mafia cruiser
    I was hooked up with a 2015 Chevy Suburban with New York plates.

    Taste of NY with New York car
    And, how fittingly, we ate dinner at a New York themed pizza restaurant.

    We were expecting some sort of attention at the pizza place – pulling up to a “New York” themed Iowa restaurant in a New York gangster car.

    Nobody cared.

    We brought half the pizza back to the Motel 6 that served as mission headquarters.

    There is no refrigeration in the rooms, but it was suggested to me that since it’s 40 degrees outside, the pizza is better off being kept in the mafia cruiser.

    Motel 6 Breakfast
    Hot coffee and cold pizza for breakfast.

    Later in the day, we were to rendezvous with “Secret Agent K” who was flying in from an undisclosed location.

    Until then, we decided to tour the Iowa Aviation Museum in Greenfield, Iowa.

    Iowa Aviation Museum
    The Iowa Aviation Museum.

    Airline display
    Airline display.

    PEACE! Japs surrender!
    PEACE! Japs Surrender!

    Germany Quits!
    Germany Quits!

    Flying Wicker Basket
    A flying wicker basket!

    Piper Cub
    A piper cub.

    Battleship Iowa Model
    A model of the Battleship Iowa.

    Me with a jet
    Me with a jet.

    Me with an Apache helicopter
    Me with an Apache helicopter.

    We drove to the airport and picked up Secret Agent K.

    Secret Agent K
    Secret Agent K – she is easily recognized with the black box covering her face.

    After a burrito dinner and a night’s rest, the entourage headed to Winterset – It is John Wayne weekend there.

    John Wayne Dr.
    John Wayne Dr.

    Me and John Wayne Birth Place
    Me and John Wayne Birth Place.

    Me and a statue of John Wayne
    Me and a statue of John Wayne.

    There is a theater in Winterset that was scheduled to show John Wayne films for free, all weekend long.

    Three days ago, unbeknownst to anyone but the owner, the theater closed.

    There are many people still touting the free movies, not knowing the theater is closed – there’s a lot of pissed off John Wayne fans here.

    More to come soon… Our liquid lunch and a traffic stop.

    *Post delayed due to security and other reasons.

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