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  • May 10, 2015

    Mother’s Day Dive 2015

    I needed a dive – it keeps my blood pressure under control, until the debriefing of course.

    It rained a bit a couple of days ago, and the swell maps made the conditions look like it was going to suck; I decided to go and at least look.

    It was a very small diving crew consisting of Reverend Al, Ben, Randy, Alex and myself.

    I was told the Point was doable, if you timed it right; that usually means I’m going to get smashed against the rocks.

    Reverend Al gave me one of his old wetsuits that didn’t have any holes in it and had never been peed in – and it actually fit!

    We geared up and walked to the Point where the swells were crashing against the low tide rocks in predictable sets.

    A macho Point entrance

    We took our time in getting out – and everyone made it without any problems.

    We swam a little ways out and submerged.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #491

    Dove with Reverend Al, Randy, Ben and Alex

    The Point, Terranea Resort, Palos Verdes, CA

    In With: 2900 psi
    Out With: 500 psi
    Max depth: 58 feet
    Waves: Some swells at the point, other surge.
    Visibility: 10 feet or so
    Water Temperature: 52 degrees
    Air Temperature: 75 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 39 minutes

    It was dark, but the 10 feet of visibility that we did have was clear.

    However, for whatever reason, this is the only underwater picture that came out…

    Best Picture

    I took a lot of pictures, but only ended up with a few.

    Maybe the camera wasn’t on?

    I don’t think the pictures would have been spectacular anyway.

    The statue at the pinnacle has a lot of growth on it now – I almost passed it, thinking it was a reef.

    My new-to-me wetsuit was more buoyant than my last one, so I put some rocks in the pockets of my BCD jacket for extra weight.

    It was cold; I should have worn my core warmer, too.

    I followed the group until I got down to 500 psi and surfaced.

    I was a hundred yards from the exit at the Cove, but the surface swim was easy.

    It was low tide; coming in, I had to swim back out to take my fins off and walk in.

    The rest soon followed, and all made perfect exits.

    I apologized the Reverend Al for peeing in his wetsuit.

    He was so disgusted that he let me keep it.

    The sandy Beach
    I like the sandy part of the beach now.

    Debriefing was rather quick, and wrapped up by 11 AM.

    The crew - Randy, Ben, Alex, Reverend Al and Me.
    Today’s crew – Randy, Ben, Alex, Reverend Al and Me.

    Next week, I go on a secret non-diving two week mission.


    1. The point looks like it still has a healthy kelp bed, unlike other areas along the coast that have had massive kelp thinning. Did you notice a difference in the kelp at this site?

      Comment by halibug — May 11, 2015 @ 11:36 am

    2. Hi Halibug! Yeah the kelp is getting pretty thick and the water is getting colder. It looks like the kelp is coming back in that area. PSD

      Comment by PsychoSoloDiver — May 11, 2015 @ 10:51 pm

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