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  • January 22, 2015

    Embrace a New Double Hose Regulator

    Guest Post: Article from John Ratliff on behalf of the Sea Wolf campaign.

    About John

    John RatliffWith numerous certificates in the Health and Safety Industry, John is no stranger to diving.

    A former Para-rescue diver in both the Navy and Air Force, (he is one of those boys making the good guy jump from an Air Force plane in the movie Thunderball) he is an inventor himself concerning diving equipment.

    Some say the TV show, ‘Sea Hunt’ staring Loyd Bridges as Mike Nelson, could easily have been patterned after John.

    Embrace a New Double Hose Regulator

    Underwater Photographers need to get close to their subjects, especially for macro photography of small fishes and invertebrates.

    Fishes especially are skittish of divers, primarily because of the breathing noises and bubbles from their modern, “single hose” regulators.

    I have done a lot of photography in freshwater rivers where I need to get close to small fishes, and have found that my vintage double hose regulators work extremely well to get me close to these fishes without disturbing them.

    John Ratliff

    Now, a new double hose regulator is hoping to be available, but it needs funding.

    John Ratliff adhusts his camera.

    So I encourage you to get involved in the development of this regulator.

    A lot of underwater photographers are turning to rebreather technology to get close to their subjects.

    This is a risky proposition, as combining underwater photography with rebreathers can place a higher load on the diver, and make the diver vulnerable to some of the inherent defects of the rebreather system.

    If you are looking at rebreathers for your underwater photography, please head over to these two sites, one on Scubaboard and one on Vintage Scuba Supply, to examine the risks of this equipment.

    These sites are The Rebreather Mentality and Potential Safety Improvements in Rebreathe Design.

    You may wish to use the money you would have spent on a rebreather/training for rebreather to instead fund this new double hose regulator for the 21st Century.

    If you are interested in this new regulator, and consider the double hose as a safe alternative to rebreathers for underwater photography, please also go to our Facebook Website on the Sea Wolf Mk5 Double Hose Regulator.

    Here are some examples of photographs I have been able to shoot while using a the Mossback Mk3 double hose regulator, which is the predecessor to the Mossback Mk5 Sea Wolf.

    Fish by John Ratliff

    Fish by John Ratliff

    The funding site will be up and running the end of February, early March.

    Notification will be made on this blog.

    (John Ratliff)


    1. I’m really curious. It look cool but the diving tech has really gotten good and you would think a double if it was better and safer would be offered. Aside from antique shops.

      Comment by Chad — January 22, 2015 @ 9:32 pm

    2. There is no purge button on a double hose. I have ben told.

      Comment by Stephan — January 26, 2015 @ 12:18 am

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