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  • May 7, 2005

    Logged Dive #121, Redondo Beach, CA

    Veteran’s Park, Redondo Beach, CA

    This was a “fun dive” with Instructor John and his Open Water students Stan The Macho Man and Tuasopo.*

    In With: 2400 psi
    Out With: 1000 psi
    Max depth: 60 feet
    Waves: 1-4 feet
    Visibility: 5-8 feet
    Water Temperature: About 55 degrees Fahrenheit
    Total Bottom Time: 30 minutes or so.
    *Note: Student names have been changed.*

    This is the students’ last dive before certification.

    Not much to this dive.

    We followed John down the shelf to about 60 feet; we then headed back.

    Stan the Macho Man strayed away from the group a few times.

    “Stan” is the typical wanna-be “macho” SCUBA diver.

    During the whole course he kept bragging to the group about his death defying feats including sky diving – something that he apparently did only once.

    We came ashore with no problems; Franklin and Eleanor had been resting during our dive.

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