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  • January 23, 2005

    Logged Dive #103, Emerald Bay at Indian Rocks, Catalina, CA

    Emerald Bay at Indian Rocks, Catalina, CA
    Diving off the Bottom Scratcher Boat

    Dove with Tim and Reyna.

    In With: 2700 psi
    Out With: 200 psi
    Max depth: 40 feet
    Waves: Insignificant
    Visibility: 30 feet; some parts very clear
    Water Temperature: Cold, but warmer than the last dive
    Total Bottom Time: 50 minutes

    On Tim and Reyna’s return from the last dive, Tim brought up a good sized lobster.

    He apparently caught it right after I had split from them.

    After a surface interval of a little over an hour, all three of us were back in the water and headed for the lobster holes.

    It was a very shallow dive, not getting deeper than 40 feet.

    I brought my camera along.

    I grabbed for a few lobsters, but no luck.

    A diver off of Indian Rocks.

    I kept losing Tim and Reyna in my greedy quest to catch lobsters in the day.

    Catalina Kelp Forest.

    A diver off of Indian Rocks.

    I separated when I ran low on air.

    I did a long surface swim back to the boat, through thick kelp which I got caught on many times.

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    1. Great pictures! I’ve never dived off of Catalina but I really want to! I need to get certified!

      Comment by catalina island hotels — May 4, 2010 @ 2:22 pm

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