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  • September 4, 2004

    Logged Dive #74 Redondo Beach

    Veteran’s Park, Redondo Beach, CA

    Solo Diving

    In with: 3100 psi
    Out with: 800 psi
    Maximum depth: 82 feet
    Waves: 4 feet
    Visibility: 10-15 feet
    Water temperature: Warm, cooler at 80 feet
    Total Bottom Time: 40 minutes or so.

    I entered the water around 9:15 AM.

    As usual, a lot of other divers were there.

    I dropped down to 25 feet and went West over the shelf.

    I almost ran in to another diver who was hovering at 60 feet – just practicing buoyancy, I guess.

    Coming out I saw an unusual number of Bat Rays, many more than on previous dives.

    At 50 feet, there were a lot of very small fish hanging around what looks like a budding reef or wanna-be kelp bed.

    I went down to 70 feet and started getting dizzy, so I went back up to 60 and felt better.

    After getting used to the depth, I proceeded to 82 feet.

    I went back and at 60 feet went North.

    It’s either not as dead as I thought, or the environment is coming back — slowly.

    There were a lot of fish down there.

    At 1000 psi, I headed in and surfaced when at 15 feet.

    Coming out, I lost a fitting for one of my fins, but recovered it.

    The waves were four feet. but breaking close to shore.

    I walked up, but almost fell.

    My nose was bleeding more than usual.

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