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  • July 31, 2004

    Logged Dive #67 Long Point, RPV, CA

    Long Point, CA
    (aka The Old Marineland)

    Dove with Nick

    In with: 2800 psi
    Out with: 800 psi
    Max Depth: 25 feet
    Waves: 2-3 feet
    Visibility: 10 feet/soupy in places
    Water Temperature: 60 degrees F
    Total Bottom Time: About An Hour

    We met around 9 AM, geared up and went down.

    Nick was prepared to “Southern California Buddy Dive” (aka Solo Dive) but I wasn’t hunting, so I followed him.

    Me off of Long Point

    Nick Off Of Long Point

    We went the same route as last time (See Dive #66).

    Nick was micro-photographing the reefs.

    A 'Saddam Hussein' fish hides in a hole.

    A ‘Saddam Hussein’ fish hides in a hole.

    Nice and colorful Long Point Reef

    As far as entry – it was easy, but for some reason, my weight belt slipped off – I caught it before it could completely disengage; but it was a pain putting it back on.

    Going Down!

    Chumming the water with Sea Urchins

    We swam South and then back North.

    We saw the sand stir in front of us and then a huge Bat Ray swam past us.

    It scared the shit from Nick.

    If I had seen it, probably me too!

    I walked ashore with my fins off.

    Nick, doing his typical, “I’m taking the hard way out to avoid walking over too many rocks,” dodged three fishing lines and came over some steep rocks.

    He was exhausted.

    A Movie Set At Long Point

    In the parking lot at Long Point, they are building what is obviously a movie set.

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