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  • September 14, 2013

    First Dive At Zakrzowek Rock Quarry, Poland

    September 11, 2013*

    After arriving at the Diving Base in Zakrzowek, we partied in the bar until 2:30 AM.

    I was told that breakfast is at 7:30, and that we would start diving around noon.

    Perfect, I could nurse my hangover.

    I was a little tired and the floor was no longer spinning when I woke up for breakfast; I got there a little late, but this is Poland – they are laid back when it comes to time.

    I met Igor at breakfast.

    “You need to eat a quick breakfast and be down here with your diving gear at 8 AM,” he said.

    “Wait, I though we weren’t going to start diving until noon,” I said.

    “We need to set up the event first, that will take several hours…we are waiting on you,” he said.

    Something must have gotten lost in the translation; I scarfed down my breakfast prison-chow-hall style and ran up and got my diving gear.

    We piled everything into the van and drove a few minutes to the diving area.

    It was raining, but nobody seemed to care or complain.

    So basically, this group drove from the North to run a day long “Discover SCUBA Diving” event.

    I was to dive with an Instructor on the side, to practice with doubles.

    They set up a lecture area, dressing facilities and kitchen.



    They even had a community hookah… and when you are in Poland…

    The Polish Hookah

    Igor was talking to his group, when I saw him sniff something off his hand.

    He turned to me, “Would you like some”

    “Oh, I don’t do cocaine,” I said.

    Everyone laughed.

    “No, this is peppermint snuff… it is powered tobacco that you sniff.”

    Well, when in Poland… I tried it, a very small amount.

    Yeah, it wasn’t so wonderful; all I did was sneeze and blow brown boogers for several minutes.

    Everything was set up… now it was the “hurry up and wait” game.

    It continued to rain.


    Finally, a huge bus pulled up…

    …and out came about 30 fairly young people, including some really hot chicks:


    FUCK! And I couldn’t talk to any of them!

    With my Albania hat and Cleveland Indians Jacket on, I may have looked a little out of place.

    Igor did a brief introduction before showing a PADI Dive Introduction movie; it was in English, with a Polish narrator.

    Then half the group geared up, the other half waited for their turn.

    I was originally going to dive with an Instructor named Lukasz, but he was diving with a side mounted cave configuration and told me, “I didn’t know this was your first Open Water dive with double tanks; if you get in trouble, I won’t be able to help you with what I’m diving with.”

    Igor said he would dive with me and that I should gear up and wait.

    I geared up and put on the doubles.


    As my back started to give out, I said, “I’m gonna wait in the water.”

    So, I’m waiting in the water, and Kamil swims over.

    “Jeff, are you ready to dive, I will go with you,” Kamil said.

    “I think I’m suppose to wait for Igor.”

    “No, I’m an Instructor, too, let’s go.”

    We swam a little ways out and submerged.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #444

    Dove with Kamil

    Zakrzowek Rock Quarry
    Krakow, Poland

    In With: 2800 psi
    Out With: 1400 psi
    Max depth: 96 feet
    Waves: None
    Visibility: 15-20 feet
    Water Temperature: 50 degrees
    Air Temperature: 55 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 40 minutes or so

    I had a little problem with bouyancy…I couldn’t find my inflation hose, but Kamil found it and rubber banded it to a strap for easier access.

    Zakrzowek has stuff sunk all over the place – a car, an airplane, a bus, a replica of a ship.





    We got down to 96 feet.

    The dive went well, the buoyancy was a little awkward,

    When we got back, Igor was waiting.

    “Jeff are you alright?” Igor asked.

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” I said.

    I saw this overwhelming expression of relief from him.

    “Would you like a second dive?” Igor asked.

    “Of course,”I responded.

    I had to take a piss really bad, and when I took my dry suit off, my right hand seal ripped.

    Fuck! Now I must improvise.

    *This post has been delayed due to Polish beer, Vodka and lack of internet access.

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