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  • July 25, 2004

    Logged Dive #66 – Long Point, RPV, CA

    Filed under: Beach Dives,SCUBA Dives

    Long Point, CA
    (aka The Old Marineland)

    Dove with Nick

    In with: 3000 psi
    Out with: 1000 psi
    Maximum Depth: 20 feet
    Visibility: 20 feet
    Water Temperature: Warm
    Total Bottom Time: 50 minutes
    Dove with: Nick

    I met Nick around 9:20 AM.

    The divers coming out were saying that visibility was good – about 20 feet.

    I made it in easy – I just walked in and put my fins on.

    We decided to try something different.

    We went West, the opposite way that we usually go.

    There wasn’t much kelp, but lots of reefs, sea urchins, starfish, etc.

    It sort of reminds me of parts of White Point.

    Neither of us were photographing or hunting.

    We swam South – just hovering over the reefs.

    Sometimes I got so shallow, my tank surfaced.

    Nick pointed out a very small jellyfish – it looked tiny underwater, so it must have been really small.

    Nick got a short fill from some dive shop in Long Beach; he started with only 2700 psi.

    We turned around and went back almost the same way; we surfaced a few times to get our bearings.

    Nick went on shore ahead of me.

    I took my fins off first and started walking in.

    There was a tremendous undercurrent which kept me still, then a moderate wave came in and knocked me over.

    I crawled a little ways, stood up and walked in.

    Other divers marveled at my experience.

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