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  • July 17, 2012

    Tour Of The Ruins Of Butrint, Albania

    July 11, 2012*

    On the way to our third dive site, we were able to stop by the number one tourist attraction in Albania – The Ruins Of Butrint.

    Admission was 700 LEK for foreigners, 500 LEK for Albanian nationals.

    “Hey Idit, how did the guy know I wasn’t Albanian?” I asked.

    “He knows, you don’t look Albanian,” Idit replied.

    The ancient city of Butrint has ruins as old as the 4th century B.C.

    Legend has it, that the city was formed by people fleeing the fall of the city of Troy.

    As the brochure states, “On arrival, Priam’s son Helenus sacrificed an ox, which struggled ashore wounded and died on the beach. Taking this as an omen, the place was named Buthrotum meaning “wounded ox.”

    For more details on these ruins, please see The Butrint National Park Page.

    The entrance to Butrint.
    The entrance to Butrint

    Some old dwellings:
    Some old dwellings.

    Some old dwellings

    Some old dwellings

    The coliseum:
    The coliseum

    The coliseum

    The bath house:
    The bath house

    Remains of what was once a church:
    Remains of what was once a church.

    Hand carved stones fit together with precision to form the wall:
    Butrint wall

    Butrint Wall

    An entrance to the city:
    City Entrance
    The immediate wall and stair cases made rushing the city by invading forces, very difficult; there were also holes in the wall where defending forces could shoot at the enemy.

    One of the towers:
    Tower in Butrint

    Cannons guard against invaders:
    Cannons guard against invaders

    Cannons guard against invaders

    It was getting really hot; we stopped by the restaurant and drank water for lunch.

    *Due to time constraints, lack of reliable internet access outside of Tirana, power outages in Tirana and the strength of Albanian beer, posting of this article has been delayed.

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