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  • November 27, 2011

    Terranea Dive Report

    I’ve had a bad head cold and congestion for the last two weeks, so I’ve had to stay out of the water.

    Popping Sudafed and keeping my body hydrated with The King Of Beers hasn’t done a thing to shake this cold, except making me feel sort of strung out.

    To stay in the local diving loop, and bless my fellow local divers with my presence, I showed up to do shore support for our regular Sunday Services dive.

    Not many divers – a couple from Dive N Surf, three sort of strangers and four regular Diveveters.

    No females.

    It was a great day – very flat water with the air temperature in the mid-70s.

    Reverend Al, Chipper, Military Bob (back from Chicago, on vacation) and Ted made a safe, but boring, entrance off The Point.

    And likewise, they all made a safe, but boring exit at The Cove.

    Lobsters were spotted in the shallows and visibility was said to be 10-12 feet, with reports it got to as good as 20 feet in some areas.

    There were migrating whales in the distance.

    One of the divers was saying that he heard the whales speaking to one another – something that he had never heard before.

    It was later discovered that the “whale cries” were Ted just humming in his regulator.

    Debriefing followed, or in my case continued, as usual.

    I took the time to get used to my new camera; the video is below.

    To view this video on YouTube, click here.

    This week I’m going to try Chicken Soup and Sudafed to try and shake this cold and hopefully be back under the water next weekend.

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