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  • June 8, 2011

    Live Dive Program From Anacapa Island Begins Today At 2 PM

    Diving conditions lately have sucked hard in Southern California, but thanks to our friends at The National Park Service, there is no longer a need to even get wet to enjoy SCUBA diving!

    This is apparently a project that was originally aimed at classrooms, but is now availble to the general public.

    Live streaming diving broadcasts from Anacapa Island will start today at 2 PM and continue through Labor Day.

    From the original page on the National Park Service website:

    Channel Islands Live is an exciting new way to experience the wild, isolated land and seascapes of your national park and national marine sanctuary. Take a virtual visit to the Channel Islands through live broadcasts from Anacapa Island that highlight the remarkable natural and cultural resources of the islands and their surrounding waters.

    Check Schedule for live program dates and times.

    Live programs are weather and equipment dependent. Visible color bars during scheduled live events are due to canceled programs. In case of that occurrence click on Archived Programs to view a previous broadcast.

    Live Dive Program – 2 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday

    Click here, access the streaming video page.


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