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  • April 21, 2008

    John McCain Is Favored To Be President Among SCUBA Divers?

    I was doing my daily news search of RSS feeds and came across the following article.

    The headline reads: John McCain Wins Poll Among Scuba Divers in the USA

    I found it interesting that such a poll would even be taken, even though the same surveys are done among different segments of the population – welfare recipients, illegal aliens, businessmen, union workers, etc.

    A survey among SCUBA divers is unique.

    McCain won the survey hands down by a wide margin – the results being shown rounded to the top three candidates that received the most votes, I assumed.

    I viewed the full report of the data that was analyzed and found that Ron Paul, who is still in the race for the Republican nomination, was not even listed as a choice.

    No, this is not another, poor Ron Paul doesn’t get fair media coverage… blah, blah, blah story.

    Everyone knows he’s gotten a raw deal regardless.

    But really, he is still running and if the poll is to be a fair representation of the SCUBA diving population, they need to at least have a choice of “None of the above or other.”

    I know many SCUBA divers, and over half of the ones that I know still support Ron Paul.

    Not to get on a political soap box, but if you don’t know who Congressman Paul is, you can visit Dr. Paul’s site here.

    So, here is my official Presidential survey amongst SCUBA divers – complete with the Ron Paul, Other and None of the above choice!

    In three days, I will tally the results and submit a rebuttal to Cline Group Advertising.

    Please take it only if you are an American SCUBA diver.

    Original Survey

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