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    March 9, 2009

    Terranea Resort (aka Long Point, Old Marineland) Beach Access Is Closed For 30 Days

    According to a post on, Dive Bum Don and Max Bottomtime have reported that coastal access will be closed for the next 30 days to finish “beach renovation” at Terranea resort.

    I think yesterday was probably the last taste of diving and debriefing at “The Old Marineland” as we knew it.

    With the scheduled opening of Terranea Resort this coming June, FOX 11 News did a story this morning about the job fair and how 500 jobs will be created when the resort opens.

    The video can be seen here.

    March 8, 2009

    Diving Off The Point At Terranea Resort, aka Old Marineland

    Logged SCUBA Dive #334

    Terranea Resort (aka Old Marineland, Long Point), CA

    Dove with Angelshark and Not So New Chris

    In With: 2900 psi
    Out With: 400 psi
    Max depth: 52 feet
    Waves: Pretty flat with minor swells at the shoreline
    Visibility: 8 to 15 feet
    Temperature: 59 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: About 52 minutes

    With losing an hour because of Daylight Savings Time, initial turnout was thin.

    Looking at the calm conditions, it was a no-brainer “let’s go dive”… after we sit here and watch the dolphins and whales go by.

    Angelshark got stood up by her buddy, so she decided to tag along with us; seven divers made an uneventful boulder entrance off the Point…

    We made an uneventful entrance off the point.

    Angelshark remarked, “Nobody got hurt today on the entrance.”

    “I guess we’re a lot better than we thought,” I replied.

    We descended and followed Reverend Al to the Newburn wreck area.

    We descended and followed Reverend Al to the Newburn wreck area; I asked him to point out the two masts that are left of the ship, if we came across them.

    Chris and I split off from the group; Angelshark tagged along with us after she lost Reverend Al.

    A nudibranch.

    Today’s nudibranch picture!

    Conditions were a little too green to get some really good pictures.

    Angelshark trolls around a kelp forest.

    Angelshark has a good eye for spotting sea life, especially lobsters!

    Lobsters are spotted deep in their holes.

    We came across a reef at 25 feet on the way to the Cove, that was full of bugs!

    Unfortunately, all the bugs were too far back to dig out; once I tried grabbing for the bugs at one end, they would move to the other… back and forth.

    It was very frustrating and we eventually gave up on the futile effort.

    A small arch off the point.

    A small arch off the Point – this is not the arch at 120 reef.

    An empty lobster trap.

    We came across an empty, but freshly baited commercial lobster trap.

    A sunstar lounges amongst some sea urchins.

    A Sunstar lounges amongst some sea urchins.

    Not so new Chris takes up the rear.

    Not so new Chris takes up the rear.

    We made an uneventful and easy exit at the cove.

    We made an uneventful and easy exit at the cove.

    We were missing one diver who separated and exited the Point; his buddy was concerned until walking up and finding him at his car.

    While we started to debrief, other divers showed up, not used to the time change.

    While we started to debrief, other divers showed up.

    Today's menu was Italian sausage, shrimp fajitas and an assortment of beer.

    Today’s menu was Italian sausage, shrimp fajitas and an assortment of beer.

    The debriefing continued in traditional fashion.

    Professional debriefers Brother Paul and Flagger Matt showed up for the festivities.

    Matt was inquiring about SCUBA certification for a Mexico cruise he is going to be taking with his wife.

    We told him what was involved and how much it would cost, but the idea is only talk at this point.

    The cars were parked pretty tight, and as someone was leaving, his car backed into a tool cart that started to roll down the hill ready to crash into our debriefing area.

    Cyber the Attack Dog, sensing the imminent danger, ran in front of the runaway cart and threw himself under the front wheel…

    Cyber the Attack Dog sacrifices himself to stop a runaway tool cart.

    The cart skidded to a halt!

    And I though Lassie and Rin Tin Tin were bitchin’ dogs!

    Debriefing lasted in to the afternoon.

    Next week, I’m planning a trip up to the Kern River, so I won’t be able to make it next Sunday.

    Hopefully, I can catch a few lobsters between now and the few days until the end of lobster season.

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