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    December 18, 2005

    Called Dive – Palos Verdes

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    Ed and I scouted places to go free diving this morning.

    We stopped by Malaga Cove; big waves were coming from the North.

    We went to Cardiac Hill; it was still sort of churney with an occasional big wave.

    We called off diving for today and stopped by Long Point to talk to the divers.

    Long Point was choppy with some big swells.

    We met an older diver named Lars who says he dives without a BC and enjoys only going eight feet under because “the light’s better and there’s more to see.”

    Dennis and Al were in the water for a dive.

    December 17, 2005

    Logged Dive #167 – Solo Diving At Veteran’s Park

    Veteran’s Park, Redondo Beach, CA

    Solo Diving

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 900 psi
    Max depth: 80 feet
    Waves: One foot, no big deal
    Visibility: 15 feet, over the shelf 0-5 feet
    Water Temperature: Cold
    Total Bottom Time: 40 minutes

    I wanted a nice and relaxing deep dive.

    Students were all over the place, as usual.

    The water was 15 feet and crystal clear, until I got over the shelf.

    There’s a bunch of bricks at 70 feet arranged in a circle with an empty SCUBA tank in the middle.

    Someone had strung a line from here, so I followed it.

    Vis really started to suck, so I turned back at 80 feet.

    Crabs, sand dollars were all around, but still, OK, it is still a pretty barren environment, but at least the vis was good above the shelf.

    It was so calm, I swam all the way to shore and had to turn back in three feet of water to take my fins off!

    When I got back to the parking lot, there was an event by the local Divevets group.

    It was a toy drive and “decorate the underwater Christmas tree” dive.

    Dennis and Al were present, so were Sean and Julia from Pacific Wilderness.

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