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    November 13, 2004

    Logged Dive #90 Arch Point Santa Barbara Island, CA

    Arch Point
    Santa Barbara Island, CA off of the Sundiver Boat

    Dove with Nick

    In With: 3000 psi
    Out With: 900 psi
    Max depth: 50 feet
    Waves: 3-4 towards shore, strong current and surges
    Visibility: 30 feet
    Water Temperature: Cool to cold
    Total Bottom Time: 45 minutes

    The Captain said there’s lobsters in the rocks.

    Arch Point, Santa Barbara Island, CA

    I traded my camera for my lobster bag, but realized that once I jumped over that I forgot my lobster gauge.

    Realizing that I haven’t even seen a lobster on this trip, I didn’t sweat it.

    I almost got swept into a crevice by a strong surge.

    Nick and I followed toward the arch; I reached as deep as 50 feet.

    It’s pretty barren here, sea urchins and small fish – well, I saw a big Sheephead here.

    Coming back to the boat we encountered a strong current.

    We swam down over a ledge where the current was weaker.

    Around the boat, Nick aggressively dug out a lobster that was wedged in the rocks, ripping off both of its antennas.

    After measuring it, it was indeed short, so we set it free.

    We were supposed to do a fourth dive; I’m glad we didn’t.

    I had completely lost track of where I am on the dive tables.

    Boat Review Of The Sundiver:

    The Sundiver is an OK boat, but there’s three things that I didn’t like:

    1. They strap your gear bag to a ledge that dangles over the side.

    2. They had double bunks. SO if you’re alone, you may be sleeping with some dude.

    3. They charge for everything! $4 air fills, $1 coffees, etc.

    4. It is note worthy to realize that you can stumble onto the deck and be a drunken dick the night before a dive and, probably won’t be thrown overboard.

    Leaving Santa Barbara Island, CA

    After a five hour boat ride back, we all safely arrived back at port.

    A great weekend of diving!

    Logged Dive #89 – Attack Of The Killer Sea Lions!

    The Rookery
    Santa Barbara Island, CA off of the Sundiver Boat

    Dove with Nick

    In With: 2800 psi
    Out With: 1000 psi
    Max depth: 25 feet
    Waves: Insignificant and not much current here
    Visibility: 30 feet
    Water Temperature: Cold
    Total Bottom Time: 60 minutes
    Notable Event: Annoyed by hundreds of Sea Lions

    From what I understand, this is usually reserved for the last dive since it’s so shallow.

    There’s a lot more kelp than the last dive and literally tons of sea lions.

    Basically, all we did was screw around with the sea lions – I believe sea lions have ears and seals don’t.

    This was a relatively shallow dive – 25 feet at the most.

    We were constantly bombarded with sea lions.

    They swam right toward us and then turned away at the last second.

    Nick almost get hit by a sea lion.

    Nick almost gets hit by a sea lion.

    Sea Lions Swap Spit.

    Sea Lions swap spit.

    Reconnaissance scouts the attack target.

    Reconnaissance scouts the attack target.

    A sea lion swoops in!

    Nick is dive bombed by vicious sea lions.

    Nick is dive bombed by vicious sea lions.

    A nearby diver almost receives a fatal blow by an attacking sea lion.

    A nearby diver is almost dealt a fatal blow by a dive bombing sea lion.

    We surfaced to try and swim back to the boat and escape…

    But the sea lions blocked our surface escape.

    …but the sea lions blocked our surface exit.

    The Sea Lions continued to attack…

    Sea Lions Attack!

    Sea Lions Attack!

    Sea Lions Attack!

    Sea Lions Attack!

    Sea lions flee!

    Nick found that by giving a few blasts of air on his BCD jacket, the noise would scare them away.

    We barely escaped death!

    The sea lions are pretty much fearless.

    I swear they were actually posing for some of the pictures.

    Nick had trouble equalizing toward the end.

    The Sun Diver.

    Going back to the boat, I noticed that most of the divers were very close to the boat still – basically entertaining themselves with the sea lions.

    This apparently is a marine preserve.

    According to the captain, “you can’t even take sand here.”

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