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    June 30, 2018

    June Gloom And Humor Report

    The end of July will be the last estate sale that I have to deal with, but I have been working all the weekends to make that happen.

    I’ve been dry for so long, I may have to take a refresher course, or maybe just a solo dive at Veterans Park to see if I still know how to dive.

    However, with surf advisories in the news, I wonder how good the diving is lately.

    With little news, relevant to SCUBA diving or not, I would like to share part of my SCUBA diving humor collection.

    These are images that I have carefully stolen off the internet and re-posted for your entertainment.

    Farting in your wetsuit.

    If it looks stupid, but still works.

    These are waterproofed on the inside, too.

    Photoshop Shark

    This is not Scooby Diving.

    This is going to be epic!

    Take this!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for diving with marine life...

    May 31, 2018

    The SCUBA Show Returns To Long Beach – June 23-24

    The SCUBA Show is once again coming back to the Long Beach Convention Center, June 23-24!

    I used to be a regular attendee, but after the show kept looking the same year after year, I stopped going for a few years.

    I plan on going back this year, probably on Sunday, June 24th.

    I will be signing autographs, and you can have your picture taken with me!

    And if anyone actually asks for an autograph or picture, I will probably go into shock.

    SCUBA Show 2018!

    With 76,000 feet of exhibit space, more than 300 exhibitors, seminars, movies and a pool where you can actually try SCUBA diving, I am once again looking forward to going again.

    Here are some interesting videos from a few years ago, to give you an idea of what it might be like:

    SCUBA Show 2011
    SCUBA Show 2011

    SCUBA Show 2010 In 3D
    SCUBA Show 2010

    If you see me, and I still have beer left in my backpack, I will give you a beer!

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