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    February 16, 2020

    Terranea Resort – Back Again!

    This has been a stressful few months.

    I’ve been helping my mother move and am still dealing with liquidating my father’s vast empire.

    If anyone wants to buy a few hundred VHS tapes, please contact me.

    Sorry for no posts since October, and I just realized with my Super-anti-spam upgrade, I need to approve some comments that have made it through the spam filter.

    Sorry, Joe R.; your last comment was approved from months ago.

    Looking at the swell map from the previous night, diving did not look too promising, but I thought, “I gotta get used to at least showing up.”

    Ben, his significant other, Randy and his girlfriend Karen were already there;  Reverend Al showed up later, so did Rob and Jiles.

    Even Joe R. showed up to watch us dive.

    I felt my life was getting back to normal.

    We went down to check conditions…

    The calm cove at Terranea.
    The calm cove at Terranea.

    All was good; everything was flat.

    Reverend Al scopes out the Point.
    Reverend Al scopes out the Point.
    The group checks out the conditions.
    Nobody came up with an excuse to not dive.

    Everyone walked back up to the parking lot to gear up.

    It was low tide, but everyone followed Revered Al and made one of the easiest entries off the point that anyone could have imagined.

    An easy entry off the Cove at Terranea.
    An easy entry off the Cove at Terranea.
    I give the OK sign, which I guess nowadays stands for White Power.
    I give the OK sign, which I guess nowadays stands for “White Power.”

    Seriously, I’m not joking.

    When the O.K. Sign Is No Longer O.K.

    After bitch-crawling over 50 yards of kelp, we descended.

    Logged SCUBA Dive #519

    Diving with Jiles, Reverend Al, Ben, Randy and Rob

    Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

    In With: 2800 psi
    Out With: 600 psi
    Max depth: 58 feet
    Waves: Pretty calm with occasional light surge
    Visibility: 15-20 feet depending on where you were.
    Water Temperature: 51-57 degrees -depending on who you asked.
    Air Temperature: 74 degrees
    Total Bottom Time: 46 minutes

    Everyone made it down to 60 feet.  I was a little slow, but yeah.
    Everyone made it down to 60 feet. I was a little slow, but yeah.

    I was a little slow getting down.

    The Lady of the garden, she's looking very encrusted.
    The Lady of the garden, she’s looking very encrusted.
    Reefs off of Terranea.
    Reefs off of Terranea.
    The swim-through.
    The swim-through.
    More Terranea reef.
    More Terranea reef.
    A cool purple sea thing.
    A cool purple sea thing.
    Vis was pretty good,  we had no problem sticking together.
    Vis was pretty good, we had no problem sticking together.
    I see fish!
    I see fish!

    I had a hard time in 25 feet of water, with 600 psi.

    I kept floating to the surface.

    Jiles went looking for me; I kept waving at him, but he was always looking another direction.

    We surfaced and I told him that I was going to swim back from here.

    I made a 60 yard surface swim to the Cove.

    I followed Reverend Al to the exit point and made a horrid exit, tripping over rocks and falling down.

    Me and Reverend Al!
    Me and Reverend Al!

    Conditions change, people come and go, but the debriefing is the same; thanks you Ben and everyone else.

    Nourishment for debriefing.
    Nourishment for debriefing.
    De-Briefing, just like old times.
    De-Briefing, just like old times.

    People mad-dogged us because we were taking the parking spots they think should be theirs.
    People mad-dogged us because we were taking the parking spots they think should be theirs.

    I’m hoping to be back soon, stay tuned.

    September 23, 2019

    Diving Santa Barbara Island! Two Day, Two Night Live Aboard!

    September 20, 2019*

    It’s time for a vacation.

    I have been slaving away at my new job, pretty much done liquidating my Father’s estate and am done with a bad business decision.

    What fit my budget was the super two-night, two-day dive package to Santa Barbara Island, Sutil Island and Catalina Island offered by ECO Dive Center.

    Even though their website stated that there were 11 spots left, I had to call to reserve.

    I called and was told that I just got the last spot; I guess these trips go fast.

    I was asked if I was an Advanced Diver and if I had night diving experience.

    I started to brag about how macho I am – lobster hunting, almost two decades of diving… I guess I passed his interview, as he shut me up pretty quickly to get my credit card number.

    Amazingly enough, my card was not declined!

    One part of their website stated that we would meet at the Pacific Star at 8 PM, another page said 9 PM and that we would have a “social hour” at the bar until 11 PM.

    I was anxious after getting all my dive gear together; I could not rest, so I ended up arriving at 22nd Landing around 6 PM.

    After figuring out the difference between The Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club and the 22nd St. Landing Seafood Grill and Bar, I arrived at the cheaper place to slam a few back and wait for the boat to open.

    The bar was quite crowded, but I was able to get a spot at the “cool” table; but I was the only person there.

    For maximum annoyance and to torture their accountant, their Budweiser beers were priced at $6.02.

    I sipped on two King Of Beers until 7 PM and went to the boat.

    Showing up early had no consequence on what bunk I was to get as they were already assigned, but the guy from ECO was not there yet.

    I was told that I could load my gear in the boat, if I hauled it down, but I did not have a bunk as of yet.

    That’s exactly what I did.

    Around 8:30 PM, Jake from ECO arrived, and I checked in, was given a lower bunk at the bow, signed my life away and decided to kill the rest of the evening hanging out at the bar to get properly plowed so I could get some sleep on the way to Santa Barbara Island.

    I ordered some Calamari and Cape Cods – the Calamari arrived faster than the drinks.

    Cape Cods and Some Calamari.
    I still look pretty macho.

    I came to find out, that the bar closes at 9:30 PM; that was a good thing, otherwise I would be broke if I sat there until 11 PM.

    Around 9:45 PM, they threw me out and I made my way back to the boat.

    There was a briefing given by … I think it his name is Elwood.



    If they find a device plugged in, unattended after 10 PM, they will unplug it and give it to the Captain.

    If you want your device back, you have to go and talk to the Captain and explain why it was plugged in.

    I partied with my fellow divers, who brought some sissy craft beer; nobody wanted Budweiser – the King Of Beers.

    Nick, Sergei, Jake and Tony.

    Around 11 PM, I was well ready to pass out and wake up at our destination.

    I made it to my bunk, and passed out next to my Spare Air.

    More to come, a lot of dives, and too much to post all at once, so stay tuned!

    This is a preview of the first Dive on Santa Barbara Island: Training Tiny The Sea Lion To Attack

    *Due to lack of internet access, and too much to do to write while it is happening, there has been a delay in these posts. Pretend you are in 1990.

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