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126 Days 1 Hours 56 Minutes Until The Beginning Of The 2019 California Lobster Season!
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  • September 8, 2007

    About Psycho Solo Diver

    Filed under:

    Psycho Solo Diver Emerges From The Ocean

    The name “Psycho Solo Diver” originated out of the need for a nickname in the diving community.

    To make a long story short, I was solo diving for a student’s lost weight belt in 15 feet of water and another student called me “psycho” for “solo diving.”

    For circumstances that I don’t want to get in to, I made the nickname stick as the ones that were chosen by others were not as flattering.

    From before my first dive, my friend and original instructor Ed told me to keep a record of my dives – where, when, conditions, temperature and air consumption for future reference.

    I wish I had followed his advice from the very beginning.

    After diving for four months and probably having 20 or so dives under my belt, I opened up a Journal Book and started to record my dives.

    After over five years of diving in the Southern California area, I had four solid volumes of narration and pictures of the dives I’ve made, what I’ve seen, the people who I’ve met and the mistakes that I, and others, have made.

    Having no audience to entertain, educate and enlighten, I transcribed all the entries and scanned and copied all the photographs to electronic format.

    Care has been taken to preserve the privacy of those who I have met through the years.

    No last names are used and, in certain circumstances, no pictures or real names are used at all.

    Speaking of that…

    Jeff and Gunter

    Some people confuse me with my twin cousin, who is the technical administrator to this site.

    So, if you think you recognize anybody on this site, think twice.

    It may not be them!


    1. Wow you are adventurous! Great blog! Take care 🙂

      Comment by Audrina Adare — July 11, 2008 @ 12:37 pm

    2. Hi Psycho Solo Diver,

      I’m from northern California and hoping to dive Palos Verdes in February or March. Can you give me an idea of the conditions I might expect at that time of year? Thanks very much and happy diving.


      Comment by John — December 15, 2008 @ 2:43 pm

    3. ay! im 16 and i have over 600 dives due to the fact my father has been an instructor since i was 8.I compete in freediving and breath hold competitions internationally. i would like to be the first to say, on this website at least, that you are a poobutt. I would also like to add that i could drink your bitchass under the table. pussy

      Comment by larry — March 23, 2009 @ 6:43 pm

    4. the fact that every written words are meant to be humorous, I take it… you are an absolute nice person to be around with. what happened to larry?
      nice blog! salute!

      Comment by Mel — September 27, 2009 @ 10:28 am

    5. Hi there!

      I love your blog. It is about time someone start this. I do solo night freedivig for lobsters at Palos Verdes for many years. I went last Friday (10-09-09) and got 7 big ones. The ocean condition was near perfect. The visibility was 15-20 feet due to calm ocean (thanks to
      I read your blog so keep on blogging!!!!

      Comment by Sam Suh — October 13, 2009 @ 2:13 pm

    6. Cracking blog mate! I was going to attempt something similar myself but got too side tracked and did something else!

      So well done!

      Safe diving, and you’re not really a psycho! 😀

      Comment by I Are Diver — May 8, 2011 @ 10:51 am

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      When selling your house, you would like to make a very good first perception. This can be attained by enhancing your landscaping. Be sure your grass is usually mowed and also the back garden is free of weeds. Growing colorful plants and blooms can produce a a lot more appealing curb appeal and attract more consumers to your home.
      Dianabol T Nation
      You may avoid getting oily your hair by shampooing the hair every day. In case your your hair is incredibly oily, you may wish to leave your shampoo on the scalp for around five minutes well before rinsing it. After your hair is dried out, try not to remember to brush it very much or work your hands by way of it this will energize essential oil manufacturing.
      Testosterone Enanthate Kopen
      To totally submerse on your own into the world of caffeine, you will need a bit of know-how. Now that you have see the post above, you will be ready to begin with enjoying caffeine correctly. There is absolutely no replacement for good quality with regards to gourmet coffee, and yes it requires the right information to fully take advantage of the perfect make.The Things We Do To Get Stunning
      Anadrol 5mg

      Comment by WilliamKiz — March 26, 2019 @ 5:31 am

    38. Testosterone Propionate And Cypionate Stack
      Be sure that the voicemail in your cell phone appears to be skilled if you are providing your quantity to potential organisations. Stay away from noisy track record songs and annoying noises. You ought to be clear about your identiity and politely request the mystery caller to depart information. Be sure that you profit each and every contact you obtain rapidly.
      Anadrol With Deca
      Many mother and father of twins buy multiple cribs if they are putting together the nursery only to find that the infants desire to sleep at night together. Don’t buy two baby cribs until once you have had the infants. Some children nevertheless will never be capable to fall asleep if inside the exact same crib. Find out which type of young children you may have before you make your time and money within a new crib. If you want to buy it earlier, make certain there is a excellent return guarantee just in case.
      Buy Injectable Steroids In Usa
      Weddings are generally cheaper to support inside the off of year, which can be November-April. The majority of people get married early in the year and summertime, which results in sites increasing charges. With the amount of engaged partners fighting within the best wedding places, locations can afford to increase their rates and maintain their potential customers. The away from-year (especially January-Mar) notices less weddings and therefore, much cheaper rates.
      Primobolan Mexico

      Comment by CecilMeeks — March 26, 2019 @ 5:35 am

    39. [url=]Anadrol 50 Before And After[/url]
      Usually request your sexual partner once they at present or just recently have experienced a candida albicans. Your own system can infect by itself, but occasionally you receive these from another person. If your lover is a person, he might not even recognize that he could get candida albicans, so he could have a single rather than know it.
      [url=]Winstrol Pills Cycle Dosage[/url]
      Make sure to get sufficient folic acid during your pregnancy. Folate is a significant component to lowering the potential risk of neural defects like spina bifida. A lot of food items have already been prepared with folate so keep an eye out for anyone on your shopping outings. Also ensure your prenatal vitamin supplements involve vitamin b folic acid.
      [url=]Testosterone Manufacturers Usa[/url]
      If you’re carrying out a panorama photo, try and record some activity inside the photo. Regardless of whether it’s the blowing wind blowing the shrubs or even a wave crashing from the shore, capturing this movement could add another coating of degree for the take pictures of. If you’re going in an attempt to record activity, make certain you’ve obtained the shutter pace set up properly.
      [url=]Steroids Injections Knee Pain[/url]

      Comment by GeorgeLor — March 26, 2019 @ 5:37 am

    40. [url=]Oxymetholone Uk[/url]
      Since your initially teeth fell out in the past, you’ve been shared with about the necessity of excellent dental hygiene. Times have modified and substantial advancements happen to be made on the planet of dental hygiene. The next post are able to offer advice on using the perfect good care of the mouth area.
      [url=]Hi-Tech Sustanon 250 42 Tablets[/url]
      One of the major enemies of yeast infection is garlic clove. As being a home remedy, there may be absolutely nothing far better. Will not use unprocessed garlic cloves, but get some garlic cloves tablet pcs and place in the genitals every couple of hours for several calming reduction. Browse the label from the garlic herb tabs and just use those which are natural and natural.
      [url=]Masteron R/Steroids[/url]
      Don’t neglect lettuce when it comes to juicing! It’s loaded with dietary fiber and many other nutrition which are key to keep your overall health and excess weight in balance. Looking to get rid of a couple pounds? Each lettuce and cabbage can help by offering you a complete feeling from the dietary fiber content material, in addition to being a poor calorie foods that requires more energy to process than it gives you.
      [url=]Equipoise And Winstrol Ciclo[/url]

      Comment by Merlinciz — March 26, 2019 @ 6:07 am

    41. [url=]Dianabol Jaundice[/url]
      In case you are self-employed, it is possible to take your overall health insurance costs like a company cost! It is possible to take premiums you paid for yourself and dependents without itemizing in your federal government taxes. So long as your insurance premiums had been not a lot more than your wages so you were not eligible to be with an boss-sponsored plan, you can subtract those bills.
      [url=]Testosterone Propionate Medindia[/url]
      An incredible hint to your painful hemorrhoids is always to try to utilize a effectively established all-natural means of using yarrow herbal tea for your rectum using a cotton golf ball. This can be a wonderful method to help you save from purchasing pricey creams or ointments and releasing potentially harmful substances into your system.
      [url=]Methenolone Enanthate India[/url]
      In order to best control your financial situation and your credit rating, you must by no means max out a credit card. A good thing to complete would be to by no means demand greater than 30 % of your own credit rating limit. Possessing a higher amount of your available revolving credit rating getting used will decrease your credit rating. Also, substantial balances take longer to get rid of and accumulate much more curiosity.
      [url=]Sustanon Vs Testosterone Enanthate[/url]

      Comment by Donaldfut — March 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am

    42. Mesterolone And Testosterone
      As you have seen from your earlier mentioned listing of recommendations, healing despression symptoms can be very useful in boosting your existence along with the lives of the near you. Major depression fails to just have an impact on you or your buddy, it has an effect on everyone close to the sufferer. Soon after subsequent these guidelines, everyone can start therapeutic and residing existence anew.Guidelines On How To Manage Malignancy
      Sustanon 250 42 Db Tabletta
      Retain the atmosphere in your mind when you find yourself on your campsite. Savoring the outdoors is one of the major benefits of camping out, so it is important to admiration the Earth. Dispose of all your trash, and don’t get as well rowdy. You can even bring along a solar powered-driven device when you have someone to use.
      Proviron Clomid
      Left wines is wonderful for preparing food. When you’re down to the base of the jar, tend not to chuck it all out. As an alternative, reseal the package and preserve it for your upcoming food. You can utilize the wines to create a marinade for noodles, taste meats or add to your specific stew menu.
      Deca Durabolin Uses In Hindi

      Comment by Kevinwal — March 26, 2019 @ 7:07 am

    43. Tren 75 Liquid
      You do not have to pay a ton of money with a espresso kitchen table. As an alternative buy a affordable one and then make it appear expensive by having some nice extras. Some big coffee desk publications and a few lower plants is definitely an high-priced searching accessory for any living area area.
      Anavar Oral Dosage
      A lot of people with rheumatoid arthritis find their entire lives transformed upside down and on the inside out. Arthritis can be a actual game changer inside a bad way, but with a little luck you possess identified some extremely helpful details in this article on how to approach rheumatoid arthritis and prevent it from ruling your daily life via ache and hassle and will get on lifestyle daily life the way you want to.Typical Side Effects Of Antidepressant Treatment And How To Overcome Them
      Testosterone Cypionate Controlled Substance
      Rather than eating out every other night or getting new clothing for every big day, learn how to be thrifty and manage your money. Recall the recommendations in this article, so that you can begin to deal with your own budget and avoid calls from personal debt enthusiasts every day.Feel You Realize Everything You Should Learn About Individual bankruptcy? Reconsider!
      Turinabol East Germany

      Comment by ShawnSucky — March 26, 2019 @ 7:09 am

    44. Buy Primobolan Uk
      The real key to good nutrition is often as easy as reading the brands on the food that you buy. Consider the fat and calories contents on food products. Make an effort to only purchase items that have thirty percent or a smaller amount of their energy, come from the complete excess fat information.
      Anadrol Bodybuilding Side Effects
      If you discover oneself caught up within the layout procedure, recall that you may have the whole Web available to look for good examples. There are actually literally countless websites that you could look through to get the ideas that you desire. Look for a internet site that you prefer, recognize what makes that web site appealing, and find out when it is an idea that you could borrow and enhance on. Keep in mind that for your web site to be genuinely productive, it is not adequate to easily obtain ideas. You should also increase after them.
      Anavar Jumpstart
      Be sure to talk to your main medical professional very first, should you be considering experiencing surgical treatment done. Normally, this is essential in any case. If you absolutely have a condition that prevents you properly possessing surgical procedures, understand this before you commit a lot of money asking a plastic surgeon which you will be unable to use.
      Masteron Instead Of Ai

      Comment by Octaviohoinc — March 26, 2019 @ 7:18 am

    45. Anadrol Safe
      Tend not to be uncomfortable when your depressive disorders has compelled you to have to get medicine. Often, major depression symptoms are incredibly poor the best issues to assist them to are prescription drugs. Speak to a psychiatrist to determine if medicine is the correct choice for your requirements and which medication is greatest.
      Oxandrolone Appetite Stimulant
      If your back is rigid in the morning, it may assist to spend some time stretches even before you get free from bed. Whilst sleeping, blood vessels leaves the rear to go to body organ teams, which means that when you get out of bed and attempt to relocate without delay, your back muscle tissues aren’t all set.
      Equipoise Medicine
      A great way to improve search engine optimization is always to make discounts and get to know other internet sites. You should talk to the executives or producers of other leading internet sites and request once they could supply a weblink to your website. In exchange you want to do exactly the same thing.
      Oral Steroids Vs Prohormones

      Comment by KeenanHiept — March 26, 2019 @ 7:26 am

    46. Stanozolol For Sale Usa
      Make sure your enterprise objectives are usually with your believed approach. Multilevel marketing itself is an enterprise and not something you must only do once you think that it. If you make achievement your main target and trying to keep it at heart in everything you do, you are more inclined to have success.
      Winstrol Men’S Dosage
      Boost your consumption of whole grain cereal, asparagus, lentils, grapefruits and orange liquid. These food types are common abundant in folic acid, which will help the growth of the baby’s neural power cord and produces reddish colored bloodstream cellular material for your personal unborn child. It can be ideal to start consuming these types of food even before you begin trying to get pregnant.
      Dianabol Karachi
      You need to avoid sporting blush that is too darker for your epidermis. It can make you gaze laundered out and ghostly. Choose a blush which is a shade or two more dark than your all-natural skin. If you believe it is not darker adequate then simply apply much more of it.
      Mesterolone Vs Arimidex

      Comment by GregoryNex — March 26, 2019 @ 8:34 am

    47. Dianabol Breakfast Of Champions
      An excellent hint in terms of dental hygiene is to prevent extreme heat changes. When you are from your notably warm atmosphere into a frosty one (or visa versa) your pearly whites can be extremely vulnerable and in many cases, you can damage the enamel. This also indicates you shouldn’t eat hot and cold food items collectively.
      Deca Durabolin Oral Cycle
      Marigold blossoms can be the leader inside an organic backyard garden. As his or her blossoms and leaves decay, the marigold emits chemicals that draw in frogs, get rid of snakes and eliminate nematode insects that strike numerous vegetable vegetation, including tomato plants. Seek out ways to permit the bright yellowish marigold bring amazing coloration and decoration in your backyard garden, because it goes toward work to protect the healthiness of your plants.
      Boldenone Baltic
      In the event that you might have problems remembering a telephone variety or some other prohibit of figures, it might be actually helpful to try and recall them in modest chunks. In the event you remember them in small teams, like several digits, it will probably be much better to recall the telephone number.
      Oxandrolone A Propionat

      Comment by RaymondSloro — March 26, 2019 @ 8:35 am

    48. Sustanon 250 By Itself
      Building a accomplishment of any home based business enterprise needs time, devotion and helpful tips. If you take the time to learn the greatest techniques to create in the home enterprise, there is a increased possibility at making your expenditure pay off for you. Looking at this information and facts is a good initial-key to good results!
      Testosterone Cypionate Multi Dose Vial Expiration
      Pin the blame on your lizard brain! As soon as on a period we were chimpanzees and we didn’t possess the wonderful higher-degree believed processes we certainly have now. How managed we survive? Our thoughts held us full of life with a few standard resources, and nervousness was one. In case you have a panic attack you have to remember that it’s your lizard brain (a slang expression for innate believed operations) just seeking to protect you.
      Steroids Injection Hurt
      Work quickly when your piping lock! Turn off this type of water and available the faucet, allowing it to drain whenever it thaws. Beginning with the sink, and working the right path to the iced-up region, aim a propane torch or hairdryer on the water pipe – this will likely quickly defrost it. You could also wrap the tube inside a home heating cushion or intention a heat lamp at it, but this can consider quite a while. A last resort would be to place the tubing in rags and dump boiling hot h2o around it.
      Testosterone Propionate Price

      Comment by Jamesger — March 26, 2019 @ 8:41 am

    49. Dianabol 10mg
      Raising a child your youngsters could very well be the most significant task you will possess. It is wise to acquaint oneself with the best methods to assist ensure that your kids are the most joyful and best they may be. Take the following tips to center, and you will probably be on the right track to increasing properly-altered young children.
      Anavar Source Reddit
      In the event that the medical insurance policy your workplace offers is too costly or else unsatisfactory, one important thing to examine may be the insurance policy from the spouse’s employer. You could find that insurance for just two using one coverage is far more beneficial than every one of you becoming taken care of as a stand alone. Policies change commonly, so make sure to verify protection along with the expense.
      Sustanon Qv 250
      With plastic surgery, know that if your surgeon is adamant about steering clear of a number of treatments. It is actually to your advantage to take their reasoning. You will find that your physician will typically contemplating what is the best for you, even though you could not see vision to vision using them. If you are tired about your surgeon, then take into account trying to find suggestions from another specialist.
      Primobolan Side Effects Forum

      Comment by Edwardfal — March 26, 2019 @ 12:50 pm

    50. Buy Anavar Online Usa
      Everyone loves training video tutorials so it is essential to rely on them when you can. Strolling men and women via how you can execute a certain process with very clear and specific actions will probably terrain you far more audiences. People truly enjoy it once you have the techniques as quick and simple as you can.
      Primobolan Depot Cena
      Chiropractic doctors can make an attempt to repair back problems and stop additional back pain by realigning a person’s spinal line. They are again specialists and thus really confident in their capabilities to aid boost one’s again and offer the desired recovery process. Chiropractic specialists can be very effective to help you eliminate your lower back pain.
      Propionat Z Makaronem
      Depression can sometimes appear like a really hard factor to start getting from. One thing about major depression is that you need to commence anywhere, and you’re doing that when you are in this posting. When it comes to depression you need to acquire these small and large actions that will help you receive your mind in the right place, so spend some time to read through and digest the information in the following paragraphs that can help you throughout your major depression.
      Anavar E Bom

      Comment by Davidgix — March 26, 2019 @ 1:08 pm

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